Located in Sacramento, California, the California Railroad Museum is a 225,000 square feet institution that provides the general public with historical trains and other artifacts related to railroads. These artifacts represent the history and impact of railroads in California and the general western part of the United States. Since the California Railroad Museum was founded, the museum has ensured that the history and significance of the American railroad system will be preserved forever. California Railroad Museum



The California Railroad Museum has an extensive amount of attractions that display a variety of themes and topics that are related to the California and Western railroad system.

Without Words is an interactive exhibit that explores how people communicated non-verbally when they worked in fields related to the railroad. Thus, visitors are able to thoroughly understand the reasoning behind the creation and innovation of railroad features, such as whistles, lanterns, and flags.

Fast Tracks: The World of High Speed Rail includes a simulator of a high-speed train. Visitors will be able to use the interactive controls to stimulate what it would feel like to drive and travel in a high-speed train. Other features of Fast Tracks: The World of High Speed Rail include; videos, interactive maps, and high-speed railroad models and representations.

Building America: Abraham Lincoln and the Union Pacific Railroad examines how President Abraham Lincoln played a key role in supporting and creating railroads on the West Coast of the United States. One of the major things Lincoln did for western railroads as sign the Pacific Railroad Act in 1862. Other highlights of this exhibit include the Union Pacific Railroad and how railroads played a key role in war, as well as change the overall impact of the transportation industry.

Two Glorious Exhibitions. One Golden State showcases how California played an influential role in how railroads advanced and impacted the United States.

Some of the features of this exhibit include; railroads in connection to the Panama Canal, the railroad impact on expositions, and the benefit that the railroad industry did for the economy.

A City Divided and the Pullman Strike of 1894 gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves into the history of 1894 when there was a national railroad strike during the summer. Although the Pullman Strike of 1894 was a nationwide strike, this exhibit focuses on what it was like living during the strike in Sacramento, and the effects the strike had on Sacramento’s societal and economical balance.

Locomotives is an extensive collection that includes nearly 20 different locomotives form 1862 to 1944. Along with showcasing the beauty of various locomotives, the purpose of this exhibit is to demonstrate the various innovations that were made for locomotives and the impact of those specific innovations.

Rolling Stock features rolling stock from 1874 to 1950. Whether the car as a short caboose, or a sleeping car, the California Railroad Museum’s extensive collection of rolling cars demonstrate the historical and social impact that these cars had. Sacramento, CA: California Railroad Museum - Photo: California Railroad Museum

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»Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Part of the California Railroad Museum’s initiative to preserve the history and significance of the railroad in western culture has to do with education the general community about the railroad. Thus, the California Railroad Museum has an array of educational opportunities for a variety of age groups.

Specialized guided tours are available for people who want a special group experience of the California Railroad Museum, or for schools who want to give their students an enriching experience. The best part about the specialized guided tours is that participants have the chance to have an in-depth and interactive educational experience that makes learning about railroads fun and entertaining.

Other educational opportunities include Junior Engineers, story time, and a railroad safety course. Junior Engineers is an educational program that allows children from the age of 7 to 12 to participate in an interactive scavenger hunt. One of the best parts about this program is that it is completely free.

All participants have to do is pick up a Junior Engineer Activity Guide, or print it out from home. Once they visit the California Railroad Museum, the participant has to complete the designated number of activities for their age group. Once they have completed the designated number of activities, they have to show their activity guide to one of the park staff or volunteers. Then, they will become an official junior engineer!

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Sacramento, CA: California Railroad Museum