The Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank was designed to be an artistic, cultural, and educational experience for visitors, in which they can learn more about the different countries in Asia, as well as the role martial arts played in their traditions, history, and culture. The museum also offers a glimpse into American history, covering topics such as martial arts in the United States, the history of anime, and Hollywood films. The museum has something for just about anyone, from a traditional Samurai collection and Chinese lions to the headband from the Karate Kid and Mortal Kombat shield.

Even if visitors have no experience in martial arts at all, they can still have a fun time while exploring how the history of Asia has become a part of the history of America as well through animation, television, film, and more. Artifacts displayed throughout the Martial Arts History Museum include many related to Japanese Samurai, a look at the artistry of the Ninja, and anime through the timeline of animation. For visitors that love television and movies, the television/film timeline at the museum that traces roots to Anna May Wong and Akira Kurasawa’s epic film, the Seven Samurai may be of particular interest.

It’s recommended that visitors plan on spending at least an hour at the Martial Arts History Museum to fully explore all of the exhibits. Guided tours are also offered. The museum was designed by artists from Dreamworks, the Walt Disney Company, and others who donated their services and time to create a fun place for visitors of all ages. The museum is not focused on particular notable martial artists, but rather the history, art, and culture, and martial arts has played a significant role in the history of both Asia and America.

Martial arts have had a significant role in not just the history of America, but throughout the world. From its beginnings to its arrival on American soil, martial arts has had an influential and positive effect on America’s history. From confidence building, physical exercise, anti-bullying, health awareness, and more, martial arts has changed the fight choreography of Hollywood, as well as created new ways of story-telling in television and film.

An entirely new industry of Playstation and X-Box games has been created due to martial arts. It has also launched several careers, including those of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, and opened the doors for anime within Western society. The industry for martial arts is a massive one, with more than twenty-seven thousand known martial arts schools in the United States alone, as well as millions of practicing martial artists.

The martial arts community has supported the Martial Arts History Museum since its founding. Every piece of the museum’s collection was donated or is on loan to the museum. The Martial Arts History Museum also provides a filmed tour of the museum that last a little bit over an hour. This offers those interested in martial arts who may not be able to visit the museum in person a chance to experience the museum’s collection for themselves.

2319 West Magnolia Road, Burbank, California, Phone: 818-478-1722

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