San Francisco has always been a pioneering city, leading the way in many fields from its founding right up to the modern day. Home to a vibrant community of tech geniuses and creative artists, Golden Gate City is the place to be for people who want exciting experiences and thought-provoking adventures, and that's exactly what you can hope to find at Onedome, one of the most extraordinary locations in the whole city.

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Located at 1025 Market Street in the heart of San Francisco, Onedome is a fascinating entertainment, art, and dining space spread out across 20,000 square feet. It offers a range of different rooms and experiences to be uncovered and enjoyed, blending together art, storytelling, and modern technological advancements in new and innovative ways to create a space and guest experience that is truly special and one of a kind. Read on to learn more about Onedome and see why you simply have to make this place a must-do part of any trip to San Francisco.

What Is Onedome?

Onedome is essentially a community space in which artists and creators can share experiences with the public. It's fully free to enter, and from there you can pay additional fees to visit the various experiences that interest you the most, with combo tickets also available to help you enjoy multiple experiences and save some cash in the process.

As previously stated, Onedome is situated in a 20,000 center and features a range of different rooms and spaces to explore, each with its own activities or art to be admired. The selection of experiences can vary greatly over time, but each one is guaranteed to be totally unique, boldly merging realms of tech, storytelling, and imagination.

Breaking the boundaries of traditional art and entertainment locations, Onedome is a multi-functional location, serving as both a cafe, lounge, art gallery, interactive exhibition, and much more. It's a platform for media maestros and creative minds to connect with the community in amazing new ways, putting a fresh spin on timeless ideas and concepts.

The Experiences at Onedome

So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at some of the amazing experiences you can hope to enjoy and uncover at Onedome, starting off with the immersive dining experiences.

Immersive Dining Experiences at Onedome

In collaboration with Storylab, Onedome is proud to present F.E.A.S.T (Fine Dining, Entertainment, Art, Story & Technology). F.E.A.S.T is a five-course meal for up to 32 guests that goes way beyond the traditional dining experience you'd find at any restaurant around the world. Rich elixirs, colorful artwork, immersive lighting, bold ideas, and ambient music all come together to make F.E.A.S.T a truly multi-sensory dining experience that acts as a genuine feast for both the tongue, eyes, nose, ears, and mind.

LMNL at Onedome

Suitable for visitors of all ages, LMNL is a large maze-like exploration space of amazing art that will leave you breathless. It features no less than 14 separate rooms and exhibits, all linked together yet distinctly unique, taking you on a journey of discovery and wonder from start to finish. Making use of video and lights to great effect, LMNL brings art to life and offers up to two hours of enjoyment as you roam from one room to the next to explore and admire each piece.

The Unreal Garden at Onedome

One of the most popular experiences at Onedome, The Unreal Garden is available for visitors aged 11 and older and blends together art and modern technology. For this experience, you'll be equipped with an augmented reality headset and set free in a beautiful garden of imagination and fantasy. The environments and naturally-inspired art will come to life all around you through the power of technology, making this a truly magical experience that is only enhanced further by the use of soundscapes, projections, and dramatic lighting techniques.

Elixart at Onedome

Elixart is Onedome's cafe, but it's much more than any regular cafe you might be expecting. Decorated with outstanding art and amazing design ideas, Elixir offers an eclectic and vibrant menu of drinks and snacks. It's an entirely alcohol free location focused on healthy mocktails, shots, fermented drinks, herbal teas, and vegan bites, and it's a wonderful place for people to get together, relax, and communicate in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

Important Information about Onedome

As previously stated, Onedome is totally free to enter, but there are fees associated with the various experiences you may wish to enjoy during your visit. Tickets can be purchased for experiences like LMNL or The Unreal Garden, for example, with different prices available for different age groups. Seniors, youths, students, and members of the military will pay less than standard adults, and you can also choose to buy combination tickets that let you enjoy multiple experiences at a discounted rate.

The attractions and experiences are open to all, but there are age limits attached to some experiences. For instance, only guests aged over 11 can visit The Unreal Garden. The length of your visit will depend on the amount of experiences you plan on checking out, but it's really up to you; guests are encouraged to take their time and truly make the most of each experience, but those pressed for time can complete certain experiences like LMNL in less than an hour. website