9 Things to Do in Azusa, California
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Nestled along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Azusa was founded in 1887 and is one of Los Angeles County’s oldest cities. Its amazing climate, which ranges from hot summer days to cool winter nights, gives it a great atmosphere for visitors to enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor activities. There’s tons of attractions and events which are available in Azusa but some unique things which you can only do there include bungee jumping with Bungee America off the Bridge to Nowhere or observing rock art drawn by ancient civilizations at San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.

1.Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere
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The Bridge to Nowhere is an interesting and unique attraction in Azusa, California that attracts hikers and thrill seekers from all over. The arch bridge was built in 1936 during a road project which was meant to connect Wrightwood with the San Gabriel Valley. Spanning over the San Gabriel River, the project was soon abandoned due to several floods that washed out the area; the bridge continues to remain stranded in what is now the middle of Sheep Mountain Wilderness. The bridge is only accessible via a ten-mile round-trip hike that can get pretty rough in certain places. Once you get there, you’ll be able to go bungee jumping off the bridge with Bungee America, a private company that offers the experience on weekends.

2.Bungee America

Bungee America
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Having worked with notable companies such as NASA and Walt Disney, Bungee America gives you the opportunity to jump off of Azusa’s very own Bridge to Nowhere. Your experience will include a drive into the historic San Gabriel Canyon, a two-hour-long, five-mile hike (one way) to the bridge, a 30-minute training on techniques and safety, and of course, an action-packed jump off the bridge over the San Gabriel River. There’re also opportunities for photography and swimming in the river before your hike back to the trailhead. Additional amenities include a sun canopy, water filtration system for drinking water, and bathrooms at the bridge.

Azusa, CA 91702, Phone: 310-322-8892

3.Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake
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Located within Angeles National Forest, Crystal Lake is the only naturally occurring lake in the breathtakingly beautiful San Gabriel Mountains. The recreation area at the lake includes 16 hiking and nature trails, a large public campground that has over 100 campsites, an open-air amphitheater, a general store, a cafe filled with snacks and drinks, and a United States Forest Visitor Center. The Visitor Center has many amenities such as printed maps of the trails, and the experienced volunteers and staff there are more than happy to answer any questions you may have before you go on your adventure.

4.San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument
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San Gabriel Mountains was designated as a national monument fairly recently in 2014 by former U.S. president Barack Obama. The mountains are a part of the Angeles National Forest and the San Bernardino National Forest and spans over 345,000 acres. During your trip there you’ll be able see and do so much; they have an observatory that lets you see the expanse of cosmos, many sites which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as several archaeological sites with rock art which provide a glimpse into ancient civilizations. Other aspects include thousands of miles of hiking trails, several streams, and many outdoor recreation activities such as camping and horseback riding.

5.Burro Canyon Shooting Park

Burro Canyon Shooting Park
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Burro Canyon Shooting Park offers an exciting opportunity to fire a couple of rounds on your firearm in the beautiful Angeles National Forest. You can bring your own firearm, target frame, and ammunition; keep in mind that there are certain restrictions on the type of ammunition and frames that can be used, and that they do sell ammunition on site. There are 19 private ranges which vary from 45 yards to 110 yards available at Burro Canyon Shooting Park; these can be used on a first come, first serve basis. The shooting park does offer training for visitors of all ages who would like to learn how to handle firearms safely.

Burro Shooting Park: 22100 E Fork Road, Azusa, CA 91702, Phone: 626-910-1344 Photo: Burro Canyon Shooting Park

6.K1 Tactical

K1 Tactical
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K1 Tactical gives visitors the chance to experience United States Marine Corps firearm shooting drills in a safe and professional environment. The unique and exciting opportunity takes place in Azusa’s Burro Canyon with instructors who have years of combat tour and Marine corps weapons experience. They will provide all the weapon systems and fear necessary including body armor and includes a welcome session, instructor introduction, safety brief, equipment brief, basics of shooting, and more. The fun shooting experience will allow you to learn and better understand how U.S. marines train and is sure to be a treasured memory from your trip to Azusa.

Burro Shooting Park: 22100 E Fork Road, Azusa, CA 91702, Phone: 626-910-1344

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7.Canyon City Barbeque

Canyon City Barbeque
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Canyon City Barbeque started long before the physical location opened in 2003 as they were the prized participants of BBQ cook-offs all over the United States. Once the restaurant opened, they gained a steady flow of customers who believe, hands-down, that Canyon City offers the best barbecue they’ve ever tasted. All their meats are specially seasoned, slow cooked, and smothered in their very own house sauces. During your visit there be sure to try the beef brisket, slow smoked pulled pork, and the beef ribs. If you’re unsure on what to get, go for the sampler plate which has a portion of the beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, pork ribs, and Kielbasa sausages.

347 N. San Gabriel Avenue, Azusa, CA 91702, Phone: 626-815-4227

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8.City Cafe

City Cafe
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City Cafe is a restaurant and bar which has been serving the residents and visitors of Azusa since 2015. Their range of traditional and new American food is delectable and includes delicious culinary concoctions such as their apple and gorgonzola cheese flatbread, seared ahi Asian salad, smokehouse burger, soy ginger glazed salmon, a variety of steaks, and a popular mac and cheese made with bacon, mushrooms, and chicken. The whole family is sure to enjoy the dining experience as there are tons of kid-friendly items on the menu like fish and chips, sandwiches, and an array of personalized pizzas.

607 N. Azusa Avenue, Azusa, CA 91702, Phone: 626-633-0269 Photo: City Café

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9.La Tolteca

La Tolteca
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La Tolteca opened in 1948 as a corn tortilla manufacturer who provided the delicious breads to local restaurants, stores, and neighborhood residents. They soon expanded into a deli and then a full-service restaurant to meet the demands of their diners. You’re guaranteed to have exquisite and authentic Mexican food made with the finest quality ingredients and with recipes that have been passed down the Arrietta family for generations. Be sure to try their incomparable carne asada burrito which is served wet or dry, their flautas topped with homestyle guacamole, and the shrimp compuesta which comes in a tortilla bowl and is topped with beans and cheese.

429 N. Azusa Avenue, Azusa, CA 91702, Phone: 626-334-0302 Photo: La Tolteca

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9 Best Things to Do in Azusa, California