The California coastline has developed an unmatched reputation for its beauty and recreation opportunities. Blessed with warm weather and plenty of sunshine all through the year, the beaches of the Golden State are some of the most picturesque places for sun, sea, and surf anywhere in the world.

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The cities of the California coast are equally iconic, with the likes of Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco standing out as the largest and most famous, but Santa Cruz is also one of the most popular. Located in a central position along the California coast, enjoying outstanding scenery and beautiful historic architecture, Santa Cruz is famous for its legendary Beach Boardwalk, along with natural locations like the Natural Bridges State Beach.

Santa Cruz is one of the best California coastal cities to visit, and any trip to this amazing city is made so much better by staying in a fully-furnished rental property. If you’re planning a trip to Santa Cruz, or nearby areas like Capitola and Aptos, Beach House Rentals can help you find the perfect home away from home to make your stay truly magical.

Beach House Rentals - Vacation Rentals in Santa Cruz

Beach House Rentals is one of the best providers of vacation rental properties in the Santa Cruz area. Specializing in this beautiful city, Beach House Rentals offers a range of beach houses in various sizes and styles to suit all needs and budgets. Here’s everything you need to know about Beach House Rentals to find your next dream rental in Santa Cruz:

- Santa Cruz Specialists - There are many rental property sites and booking platforms out there nowadays, but most of them are quite broad in their approach, hosting properties in many different locations. The advantage of working with Beach House Rentals is that this company fully specializes in Santa Cruz and the neighboring areas of Aptos and Capitola, so you’ll only be dealing with people who know this city better than anyone and can truly help you find the dream property.

- Flexible - Maybe you’re traveling with a furry friend and are looking for a pet friendly vacation rental in Santa Cruz? Or perhaps you really want a home with a gorgeous view of the ocean, letting you wake up each morning, look out of the window, and feel like a star? In either of these situations, and many more, Beach House Rentals can help. Since this company has such a large number and variety of properties in its portfolio, it can always find the right one to match your needs.

- For All Budgets - Beach House Rentals aims to please as many people as possible and really let everyone enjoy their Santa Cruz vacation in style. While some property rental sites tend to specialize in expensive, luxury properties or go in the opposite direction and focus only on budget rentals, Beach House Rentals takes a broader approach and keeps your options open. You’ll find a lot of variety here, from simple town homes and condos to larger and more luxurious oceanfront homes, with options available to match up with all budgets.

- Monthly and Vacation Rentals - Beach House Rentals isn't just able to provide vacation rentals for your weekend getaway or two week stay in the Santa Cruz area. It can also provide monthly rentals too. As we've seen in the other points above, Beach House Rentals really tries to be as flexible and versatile as possible, and this includes offering rentals of all different durations. So, whether you’re heading to Santa Cruz for just a few nights or plan on staying on a month-to-month basis, you can find a perfect home away from home with Beach House Rentals.

- Classy Amenities - All of the properties provided by Beach House Rentals come fully furnished and complete with their own features, amenities, and interior design style. They're all different, with their own personalities and charms, but Beach House Rentals is committed to offering a minimum level of luxury and comfort in every property, so you'll always find comfortable bed linen, towels, kitchenware, coffee and tea making facilities, TVs, DVD players, phones, irons, and other essentials in every property.

- Super Service - In accordance with its principles and aims of offering the best vacation experiences for all Santa Cruz visitors, Beach House Rentals also provides super service through every single step of the booking and vacation process. They'll help you find the perfect property, ease you through the seamless booking process, and always be around on a 24/7 basis whenever you have any questions or need any assistance. When you book with Beach House Rentals, you’ll be treated like a VIP every time.

Beach House Rentals is the perfect company to choose if you want to really make the most of your stay in Santa Cruz. It’s a stunning city, and staying in it is so much better in one of these properties. With their stylish furnishings and convenient amenities, these homes really help you feel comfortable and cozy for the full duration of your stay, and there’s a lot of variety to suit every kind of traveler, so book your next vacation rental in Santa Cruz through Beach House Rentals. website