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The Asian Art Museum is the premier museum dedicated to Asian art in the United States. The Asian Art Museum was strategically founded along the Pacific Rim of the United States. As one of the most diverse cities and communities in the United States, San Francisco, California, is the perfect location for the uniquely diverse Asian Art Museum. Although the culture of Asia is the Asian Art Museum’s focus, the Asian Art Museum strives to demonstrate how there are connections among various cultures. Currently, the Asian Art Museum is undergoing an extensive renovation that is going to expand and diversify the way the Asian Art Museum is set up. Asian Art Museum

»Permanent Attractions

Permanent Attractions

The Asian Art Museum in California is home to approximately 12,000 pieces of art that represent various points in Asian history and culture. The permanent collection at the Asian Art Museum is one of the most significant and renowned collections of Asian art on display. One of the best parts about the Asian Art Museum’s permanent collection is that it is completely available on their online database.

South Asia is located on the third floor of the Asian Art Museum and features over 1,900 pieces of art that represent how religion played a key role in South Asian art. Some of the highlights of this exhibit include; portraits of Indian rulers, silver, jade, and ivory decorative objects, and Hind deity sculptures.

The Persian World and West Asia explores art from Afghanistan to Turkey. Out of the 600 hundred pieces of art that resign in this collection, ceramic vessels, jades, and metalwork comprise the bulk of the collection.

Southeast Asia is another collection that explores the strong influence religion had on ancient Asian art. Majority of the Southeast Asia collection is comprised of rare artistic artifacts from the 14th to 16h century in places such as Vietnam and Thailand.

The Himalayas and the Tibetan Buddhist World features a variety of sculptures, bronze objects, and paintings that resemble elements of Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, or Bon. The most popular objects in this collection focus around objects that are significant to Buddhist rituals.

China is the Asian Art Museum’s most extensive permanent collection. This exhibit has over 7,000 pieces of art work that represent over 6,000 years of historical and cultural significance. This exhibit is one of the leading Chinese art collections that is located outside of China, as well as being remarked as the home of the highly praised Avery Brundage Collection.

Korea is another one of the highlighted permanent collections at the Asian Art Museum. The Korea exhibit is remarked as being one of the most expansive Korean art exhibits that is located outside of Korea. Majority of the art in this collection includes paintings and wrapping cloths.

Japan showcases how Korea and China were major influencers in how Japanese art developed. The Japanese art collection is the second largest attraction at the Asian Art Museum. With over 5,500 pieces of art, the Japanese art collection has remarkable artworks that date back to 3000 BCE. Photo: Asian Art Museum

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»Special Attractions

Special Attractions

Although the Asian Art Museum has a large and diverse permanent collection, it still houses a variety of traveling special attractions throughout the year. Before visiting the Asian Art Museum, check out the museum’s website for an updated list of special attractions.

Koki Tanaka Potters and Poets showcases how pottery and poetry are interconnected. The Koki Tanaka Potters and Poets exhibit is available until February 14, 2017.

Worshiping Women Power and Devotion in Indian Painting showcases how females are represented in divinity within Hindu paintings. This exhibit has a variety of traditional and modern feministic approaches to female power. This exhibit will be on display until March 26, 2017. Photo: Asian Art Museum

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»Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

The Asian Art Museum has one of the most comprehensive educational programs available. On-site educational programs include specialized guided tours, camps, classes, lectures, and other hands-on activities.

Although the Asian Art Museum has fantastic on-site educational programs, the highlight of the Asian Art Museum’s educational initiative is the extensive online resources. The Asian Art Museum has a separate website dedicated to their educational programs.

Educational opportunities are divided among different types of people (educators, students, and professionals), as well as the type of resource you’re looking for and the area of the world you want to study. Currently there are 117 lessons and activities, 292 pieces of art, 502 videos, and 189 pieces of background information on the Asian Art Museum’s educational website.

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