Art has so much power and potential for positive change in this world. For centuries now, creative minds and thinkers have been able to express themselves, and the inner thoughts of feelings of so many others, through their artistic creations, encouraging debate, discussion, reflection, and growth throughout societies all over the world.

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When we look at a piece of art, we can feel, think, and experience things we've never known before, feeling more connected to the people and world around us, and by experiencing art with other people, talking about it, sharing it, discussing and dissecting it, we can feel more engaged with our local communities.

Clearly, art can do so much good in the world, and we should seek to support it wherever we can. Over the years, some cities and locations around the world have really been able to provide the perfect setting for artists and creators to thrive and flourish, and San Francisco is most certainly one of those cities.

Unquestionably one of the most socially and culturally progressive cities on the planet, San Francisco has always embraced art in all of its forms. Artists of all ages, nationalities, and walks of life have been drawn to the Golden Gate City over the years, and some of America’s finest art has been made there.

To see great art in San Francisco today, visitors and residents can visit the city’s many galleries and museums, and 836M, located in the Jackson Square neighborhood of the city, is one of the best places to enjoy and access wonderful art and support local, regional, and international artists.

836M - A Non-Profit Gallery for Events, Exhibitions, and Movements

Owned and operated by the JSLH Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, 836M is a non-profit art and exhibition space in the heart of San Francisco. Open throughout the week to the public and by appointment, 836M works in tandem with many different artists and creators to exhibit and display their works to the art-loving public.

- For The Community - 836M was founded by art lovers, for art lovers. The idea of this non-profit space is about making the art world more accessible and enjoyable for the local community, bringing people together and letting them see, explore, enjoy, and experience art in many forms from some amazing artists. While so many galleries seem to be focused on either directly or indirectly making art less accessible, the whole concept of 836M is to open the doors of the art world to all who are interested through lots of public events and exhibitions all through the year.

- Amazing Artists - 836M is always getting in touch and reaching out to amazing artists from all over the globe. Some of the names to have exhibited with 836M in the past include Hillary Goidell, Thomas Houseago, Alonso King, Jean-Michael Othoniel, Redha Medjellekh, Shawn Bullen, and Banksy. From young, up and coming artists just trying to make a name for themselves and establish a following to seasoned professionals with global fanbases and years of experience, 836M is open and accessible to all.

- Exhibitions and More - 836M is primarily focused on organizing exhibitions for amazing artists, but also holds documentary screenings as well as conversations, discussions, private and public events, and more, all in a warm, welcoming space where everyone can feel at ease. A highly innovative and exciting non-profit gallery quite unlike anything else in the city, 836M is giving artists and art lovers a new space to express and indulge in their love and passion for art.

- Supporting Local Artists - High-profile international artists like Banksy have had their work exhibited at 836M, but the gallery is also dedicated to supporting local artists around San Francisco too. Each year, a key part of the 836M calendar is the exhibition of a carefully curated selection of local street artists. Attending 836M exhibitions and events is therefore a wonderful way to potentially discover some ambitious young talent you might not have known before.

836M is doing some amazing work and really helping to foster a spirit of exchange and interaction among the local community. To take part and see what's happening at 836M right now or in the coming weeks, you can visit the site or head down to 836M itself at 836 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94133 during opening hours, which run from noon until 6pm on Wednesdays through to Saturdays or by appointment. You can also keep up with goings on at 836M on social media networks like Instagram and Facebook. website