The Lisbon district stretches out quite a long way in both directions along the coastline, incorporating a lot of lovely beaches that are very popular with tourists and locals alike. Some of Lisbon’s beaches are built-up and lively, hosting special events and festivities throughout the year, while others are quieter and simpler, providing calm, romantic atmosphere for couples.

Whichever kind of beach you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Lisbon. Read on to learn all about the best beaches in and around the Portuguese capital.

1. Figueirinha Beach

Figueirinha Beach
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With only the whitest sands and calmest waves, Figueirinha Beach is one of the most popular coastal spots around Portugal's capital city. Lisbon locals love to come here and tourists adore this beach as well, so it can get pretty busy at certain times of year, but it's quite a large beach with enough space to deal with big crowds. Various beach equipment can be rented here and the calmness of the water makes it just right for little kids to splash around in the water and play games with their parents. So if you’re in need of one of the best family beaches in Lisbon, Figueirinha Beach is the one for you.

2. Areia Branca Beach

Areia Branca Beach
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A very lively Lisbon beach with a lot of activities always going on, Areia Branca Beach is a good stopping point for folks who like their beaches to be busy and fun, with lots of opportunities to move around and engage in all kinds of activities. There's a fun little mini-golf course right by the sand, soccer courts out on the beach, surfing coaches waiting to hit the waves with you, and rental stores offering all kinds of beach equipment. Lots of good eateries and bars are just a short walk off the sand as well, so this beach is a great place to spend a full day.

3. Galapos Beach

Galapos Beach
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Galapos Beach wouldn't look out of place on a postcard; it's just that pretty. The sand curves gently around in a beautiful crescent shape and the whole beach is surrounded on almost all sides by rich green trees and bushes. The shimmering, glimmering waters at Galapos Beach are astonishingly clear. In fact, you can walk out a little way and still be able to see your feet, which makes this Lisbon beach a great place to do some swimming and diving.

4. Sao Juliao Beach

Sao Juliao Beach
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A relatively small beach in terms of length, Sao Juliao compensates for its shortness by offering very wide open sandy spaces for all to enjoy. It's a popular gathering spot with Sintra locals and provides some stunning views, with huge cliffs towering over the far end of this Lisbon beach and providing some nice shady spots which are very welcome on warm days. Adventurous beach-goers can even go climbing at this Lisbon beach in order to reach a higher vantage point and get even better views of the surrounding scenery.

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5. Carcavelos Beach

Carcavelos Beach
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This beach is actually located a short drive outside of Lisbon, but it's definitely worth the detour. Many of the inner city beaches tend to be crowded with tourists throughout the year, but Lisbon locals prefer to head out to Carcavelos Beach for its calmer, quieter atmosphere and friendly local bars. Some excellent eateries can be found just a short walk off Carcavelos Beach as well, so you can spend a full day out on the sand and then head into town for a delicious evening meal as the sun goes down.

6. Meco Beach

Meco Beach
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First of all, it's important to note that Meco Beach is one of the most popular beaches for naturists in and around Lisbon, so if you're not comfortable with seeing other beach-goers wearing nothing at all, you might want to miss out on this one. However, if you don't mind about the naturism theme of this beach, it offers some mind-blowing views and impressive dunes to climb and explore. The northern end of the beach tends to feature less naturists and more families, so that's the direction you should head if you'd rather keep your clothes on.

7. More Info About Lisbon Beaches

More Info About Lisbon Beaches
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Europe is home to some of the most visited locations in the world. Every European country is different, with so much history behind each one and so many stories to tell. From Paris to London to Rome and beyond, European countries and capital cities in particular are extraordinary touristic destinations, boasting never-ending lists of monuments, landmarks, attractions, and places of interest.

Lisbon is another perfect example. The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is located on the country's western coast, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.

The city of Lisbon is home to some astonishing architecture and breathtaking monuments, museums, art installations, and more, but it's also a great spot to enjoy a beach holiday too. With a Mediterranean climate, temperatures in Lisbon tend to be quite warm for large parts of the year, providing just the right conditions for long, lazy days on the beach. Whether you’re looking to do some sunbathing, swimming, or simply hanging out with friends playing beach games and enjoying some tasty local food and refreshing drinks on sunny days, you’ll be able to find several super Lisbon beaches to meet your needs.

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