There are plenty of different reasons people choose to travel. Some are looking to experience new cultures, meet new people, taste new foods, and see new sights. Others are just looking to get away from it all, fleeing the stresses and worries of their lives and abandoning the mundanity of their familiar surroundings in order to enjoy something totally new and relaxing. Whatever your reason for travel, you have a lot of different destinations to choose from, and New Zealand stands out brightly as one of the very best of all. An increasing number of people are choosing to visit this Pacific Ocean nation for its stunning landscapes and remarkable natural landmarks.


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If you're looking to enjoy some surfing or water sports in New Zealand, Piha is the place to be. Generally classed as one of the best beaches in the country, Piha attracts large numbers of locals and tourists, especially at weekends and on special occasions. There's a lively, friendly atmosphere at this beach that everyone can appreciate, and it never seems to get too noisy or oppressive. The sands here are stunning and the views are unbeatable. In short, it's one of the finest beaches you'll ever lay eyes on, and as soon as you step out and feel those sands beneath your toes, you'll never want to leave.

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Located in the Abel Tasman National Park, which is home to quite a few of New Zealand's prettiest beaches, Anchorage stands out as one of the very best. This pristine stretch of shoreline is a feast for the eyes, boasting stunning golden sands, lush vegetation, and mind-blowing views in every single direction. You'll feel a million miles away from civilization when you step out onto this beach and the views are so good, you'll never want to go home. Fortunately, there's a campsite just a short walk away from the beach, so you can spend the night and extend your stay if you like.

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3.Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety Mile Beach
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Despite the name, Ninety Mile Beach is actually about 55 miles in total, but that's way more than enough for everyone to enjoy and find their own secluded spot of sand to feel like they have the place all to themselves. The beach begins at Kairaia and runs all the way down to Cape Reinga and is just pure sand and sea. It's a breathtaking sight and you can just keep on walking and walking, hand-in-hand with a special someone or accompanied by your friends or family, admiring the views and perhaps snapping some photos to share with people back home. You'll find various amenities dotted out along the beach, but large sections of it are totally untouched.

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4.New Chums Beach

New Chums Beach
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Over on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Chums Beach is another of the best beaches in New Zealand. Lots of nice hiking trails can be found in the local area around this beach, making it a fun spot for nature lovers and active people who like to move around and explore. The beach itself shimmers and glimmers in the sun, with golden sands and frothy waves washing up on the shore. The beach is surrounded by lush vegetation, making it even more magical, and it's a prime spot for couples or newly-weds to stroll along in each other's company. Since this beach is a little off the beaten track, it never gets overly busy either, so it’s a great spot for people in need of some peace and quiet.

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Over on Eastland, which is one of the most commonly overlooked areas of New Zealand, sits Wainui. Translating to 'Big Water' in English, this beach is aptly named with some enormous waves that surfers will adore. There are some calmer spots for swimming too, but this is definitely one of the best water sports beaches in the country. If you prefer to keep dry, the sands are soft and there are some nice big dunes to climb all over as well. Local amenities include restrooms and fresh seafood treats at the local restaurant.

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6.More Info

More Info
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Located around 900 miles off the eastern coast of Australia and surrounded on all sides by the majestic Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is an island nation made up of the main two islands - the North Island and South Island - as well as around 600 additional small islands. All those islands and shores give New Zealand one of the longest coastlines in the world. The country has over 9,000 miles of coast in total, so it's no surprise that New Zealand has an exceptionally long list of beaches just waiting to be discovered. The country is perhaps best-known for its biodiversity and incredibly varied and gorgeous landscapes, but it also has some of the finest beaches you could ever imagine.

New Zealand Beach Guide

Despite being inhabited by around 4.8 million people, large parts of New Zealand are totally untouched by civilization and the Pacific Ocean country has some of the most gorgeous beaches you could ever hope to lay eyes on. If you’re in search of stunning views and picturesque landscapes, this is the place to be, and there are many different activities to be enjoyed down on the shores of this island nation. Read on to learn useful information about all of the best beaches in New Zealand.

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5 Best Beaches in New Zealand

  • Piha, Photo: Fyle/
  • Anchorage, Photo: corners74/
  • Ninety Mile Beach, Photo: Patricia/
  • New Chums Beach, Photo: Nelida Zubia/
  • Wainui, Photo: Imre/
  • More Info, Photo: mikesch112/
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