Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum located in Denver occupies the former Lowery Air Force Base. Historic Hagar #1 is where the museum is housed. This hangar was built in 1939 with the museum opening in 1994. The museum's mission is to preserve the history of Lowery Air Force Base from 1938 to 1994. The exhibits, archives and research library all focus on this period of history and the military during this time.

In 1997, Colorado legislature made the WOR Air and Space Museum the official air and space museum for the state of Colorado and added Colorado Aviation Historical Society and the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame. Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.Aircraft Exhibits

Aircraft Exhibits  

The impressive 1930's style 150,000 square foot Air Force Hangar is one of the main attraction of the WOR Air and Space Museum. Nearly 50 air and space vehicles line the hangar where visitors can go in and out of the cockpits and enjoy a hands on approach to museum experiences and education.

There are many fighter bombers on display in the hangar. The 1955 RF-84K Thunderflash was an excellent long range bomber that also had cameras mounted and flew in the Korean War.

The 1965 F105-D Thunderchief is a well-known craft that was the bomber of choice in the Vietnam War. The plane was designed to be a tactical nuclear bomber. The plane that is in the museum shot down 28 enemy planes in the campaign against Vietnam.

1944 trainer was a World War II flight simulator used to teach new pilots how to fly their aircraft without any interference from the outside.

1966 F-4E Phantom II was used by both the Navy and Marines and shattered several records in aircraft performance.

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2.More Exhibits

More Exhibits  

1939 J-3-65 Piper Cub is a smaller sized craft originally manufactured in the 1930's and phased out in the mid 70's. This aircraft can still be purchased today, but with an upgraded engine and the new name of Super Cub. This plane was also typically used in civilian pilot training programs.

1958 F-86H Sabre Jet was the very first jet to exceed the speed of sound on April 26th, 1948 while performing a dive. It also features a swept wing, the first for America, and was made infamous in the Korean War.

1975 F14-A Tomcat can achieve a 2 Mach speed and extended wings that are able to form right angles. This jet is used to launch missiles and locate enemy aircraft.

1938 B-18A Bolo was the aircraft manufactured to replace the Martin B-10 for the U.S. Army Corps.

1968 FB-111A Aardvark was a strike fighter used as a Fleet Defense Interceptor for the U.S. Navy. This fighter plane was also the first to use geometric wing technology.

X-Wing Starfighter is an aircraft built or the Star Wards Movies. This exhibit is one of the most popular attractions at the museum and was built as a promotional item in 1996 to announce the unveiling of the completed trilogy. The craft is taken care of by a special team of volunteers.

1972 Corsair II was first flown in 1965 and is a single seater with remarkable target kill capacity. This aircraft also has subsonic close air support.

1926 Eaglerock is also known as "longwing" because the lower wings are longer than the top wings. This plane was designed to perform at high altitudes, but was dropped shortly after being manufactured.

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3.More Exhibits

More Exhibits  

1970 B1-A Lancer featured an ejectable crew feature and geometry wings. Only four of these bombers were built before the program was cancelled in the late 1970's.

1950 B-57 Canberra was highly useful in the Vietnam War and was modeled after the "English Electric Canberra." This bomber in particular, attacked the Ho Chi Minh Trail and Mekong Delta.

1943 UC-45 Expeditor was a light bomber during World War II. Over 5,000 were delivered to the US Army and Navy and this model was manufactured for 32 years.

1961 F100D Super Sabre was the first bomber to break the sound barrier during level flight.

Primary Glider is a German made glider that does not use power to fly.

1962 F101B Voodoo was a single seater escort plane for the B-36 bomber. There were made obsolete however by the B-52 bomber jet and re-designed into other types of fighter bombers.

1963 F102A Delta Dagger features a flying surface that is a perfect triangle. This aircraft was used in the U.S. Air Force for roughly 20 years in the 1950's through the 1970's.

1952 T-33A T-Bird was the first jet to ever enter service with the U.S. Air Force. Almost 6.000 of these were built and heavily relied up on in the USAF from 1949-1959.

1964 F-104C Starfighter was the first plane to be able to sustain a Mach 2 speed. The plane on display flew in two deployments in the early 1960's and was retired in 1975.

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4.Space and Rocketry Exhibit

Space and Rocketry Exhibit  

Visitors to this section of the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum will be taken through time and space in the Space and Rocketry Exhibit. From the first time The United States entered space through the possibility that lies in the future, visitors will explore space and missile technology through interactive exhibits where everyone can be an astronaut.

The Space Station Module that is on display in the Space and Rocketry exhibit was a proto-type by Martin-Marietta called "Freedom." This design called for the station being American only and was rejected to include Russia and the European Space Agency.

There are also several replicas of major space mission technology including Apollo Command Module boilerplate. This was used to develop and experiment with retrieval processes for capsules and astronaut training for the Moon Missions.

Visitors will also be excited to sit in and try out flight simulators and see life size replicas of space vehicles and probes.

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5.Restoration Projects

Restoration Projects  

The WOR Air and Space Museum employs a special department for upkeep on all of the artifacts on display in the museum. This department, the Restoration Department, is tasked with not only preserving the current artifacts in the various collects, but restoring new and donated artifacts as well. Many of the aircraft, although never expected to be fully operational again, are in original condition.

Educational Programs at WOR Air and Space Museum

Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum features several educational programs for children and adults. From series of classes to summer camp programs, there are educational opportunities for almost everyone in the family.

There are several workshops offered throughout the year that allow adults to take part in class series that teach many different aspects of flight and aeronautics. There are programs that assist in building and flying remote control aircraft as well.

The Air and Space Summer Camp offers summer programs for children age 8-12 and takes place inside the World War II Hangar. Students get to take part in flight mission simulators, builds their own prototypes, watch planetarium shows, and launch missiles. Kids get to be an aerospace engineer for a day. There is also robotics activities and space stations modules. The museum offers scholarships for this program and pre-registration is required.

Wings Aerospace Academy is a tuition free charter school for grades five through nine that immerses students in science and aerospace technology. This charter school will expand little by little each year until 2020 when the WAA will be able to accept students in grades five through twelve. Courses taught through the academy are described as Hybrid-online learning and classroom learning combined.

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6.Wings Over Rockies Research Library

Wings Over Rockies Research Library  

The Research Library at WOR Air and Space Museum is staffed by volunteers with a passion for aviation, rocketry, and outer space. There are more than 10,000 titles on aviation and 700 periodicals that cover topics from hot air balloons to astronomy and are published in several languages. There are even newspaper clippings, instructional and operational manuals for some of military Aircraft that can be seen in the museum and more.

There is also aviation art on display in the Library and blueprints on display for many different typs of air and space craft. Anything related to something that can fly can be found in the research library with many of the artifacts being one of a kind items that cannot be seen anywhere else.

The library is only available by appointment to both visitors and researchers including teachers. Visitors to the library are expected to leave a donation in appreciation for being allowed to use the library. There are several rules to be abided by while doing research including photocopying must be done by staff and gloves must be worn when reviewing certain artifacts.

Special Events

WOR Air and Space Museum hosts many special events throughout the year including a Halloween Party, A Gala for fundraising and many community events. Services for private events such as wedding and corporate events, and birthday parties can also be arranged on a case by case basis when available. There are often times art exhibitions and lectures that are hosted by the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum but are not sponsored by the museum.

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7711 East Academy Boulevard , Denver, Colorado 80230, Phone: 303-360-5360

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Best Things to Do in Denver: Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

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