The Toledo Museum of Art is located in the Old West End area of Toledo, Ohio, and is known as one of the most classically designed architectural museums with over 30,000 pieces of permanent art inside. The Toledo Museum of Art is always free to visit. The Toledo Museum of Art is home to over 30,000 pieces of art that are spread across over 35 galleries, and various gardens and pavilions.

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The Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio was founded in 1901 by a group of people who sought an institution that would provide the community with an innovative and extensive amount of architecture and art education. Since then, the Toledo Museum of Art has grown to own over 30,000 pieces of art that represent various time periods in regions across the world.

The Toledo Museum of Art was initially founded in two rented rooms in a small building. Since then, the museum has renovated and expanded its space across a whopping 36 acres and six intricate and dense buildings.

The main building of the Toledo Museum of Art features two levels that is spread out across four and a half acres of land. Visitors can explore the building’s 45 art galleries, 1,750 capacity concert hall, 15 classroom studios, a family center, a resource center, café, and even a lecture hall that can hold up to nearly 200 participants.

Aside from the Toledo Museum of Art’s main building, one of the other highlighted buildings is the renowned Glass Pavilion. The Glass Pavilion is home to an all-glass study room, multiple classrooms, dining options, a few courtyard spaces, and approximately five galleries. Between the Toledo Museum of Art’s extensive art collection, resources, and free admission, why would anyone every want to leave?

Some of the featured artists are; Bearden, Close, Degas, El Greco, Matisse, Money, Turner, and van Gogh. The Toledo Museum of Art’s permanent collection is available to view online. Their permanent art attractions include;

• 917 pieces of Decorative Arts

• 5,736 pieces of Glass art

• 648 Paintings

• 1,182 objects in their Sculpture attraction

• 2,829 pieces of art that are Works on Paper

Like any other renowned museum, the Toledo Museum of Art houses traveling art exhibits in their special attractions area. These special attractions bring a hint of enchantment and enhancement to the Toledo Museum of Art’s extensive permanent collection. It should be noted that the Toledo Museum of Art’s special attractions are always changing, so check the museum’s website for an updated list of current special attractions.

Shakespeare’s Characters: Playing the Part is a special exhibit that explores Shakespeare’s most beloved characters and plays brought to life. This attraction showcases around 30 pieces of art that explore the historical, cultural, and significance of Shakespeare and his work. Some of the highlighted pieces of this exhibit include Mirror by Fred Wilson and Ophelia by Arthur Hughes. This exhibit will be on display until January 8, 2017.

The Libbey Dolls: Fashioning the Story showcases French fashion and art through the historical Libbey Dolls. Libbey Dolls, also known as Doucet Dolls, were a part of the significance and impact of World War I. Many porcelain factories, specifically Libbey Dolls factories, ensured that wounded soldiers, tradesmen, and any other young man unemployed after World War I had a stable and adequate job. One of the specific significances of the Libbey Dolls is their clothing, which was mainly designed by Jacques Doucet. Doucet took inspiration from anything artistic related he could find in France. This special attraction will be available until February 12, 2017.

The Toledo Museum of Art works to ensure that everyone in the community has adequate access to educational opportunities. Aside from the typical guided tours that are designated for large groups and schools, the Toledo Museum of Art has many community initiatives. Some of these educational community initiatives include; community art projects, hands-on activities, and musical concerts. The Toledo Museum of Art also offers a variety of classes, lectures, and activities that include; an art and wine tasting class, master class lectures by renowned artists, and class that explores the artistic element of glass. Also, the Toledo Museum of Art offers seasonal and holiday themed programs to show how at is connected with everyday lives and special events.

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2445 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43620, Phone: 419-255-8000