The Great Escape Room can be unlocked, or at least the attempt can be made, in various states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Washington DC, and New York. The skills of perseverance and puzzle-breaking are required to break through the various rooms, which are timed accordingly to test you. The escape routes differ in difficulty and each have been given a percentage based on the number of successful attempts made by past visitors. The clues are designed for quick cognitive processing, meaning that you are in a situation that requires you to think fast!

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The Escape Rooms

The Sherlock Homes’ Library places you in the role of the famous detective and so you need to have the skills and deductive wit of Holmes himself to get out of here. The fun is in unravelling the mysteries and brain teasers that, if completed, will promote you all the way to Sherlock’s Apprentice. Joining the League of the Masters of Elementary Deduction is also at stake. Fans of the criminal mastermind Moriarty will thoroughly enjoy the attempt to find the antidote in Professor Moriarty’s Game Room. In The President’s Bunker, guests need to avert Armageddon in less than 60 minutes, while Dr Watson’s Infirmary takes a more surgical approach; requiring those who participate to assist Watson and his cardiac surgeons in a race against the clock to save a dying patient who needs heart surgery.


The Great Escape also offers private events like birthday parties, holiday parties, and teambuilding events, and all that is required is the purchase of a full room. On The Run brings the Great Escape to larger groups with activities that are quite different from those in the escape rooms. The Great Escape has had plenty of positive press, with the Lil Blonde Monsters taking to their blog to praise the Sherlock-themed escape room. They accomplished the tasks as a team of ten and solved five different puzzles and color-coded clues.

Escape Rooms Leading to Self-Improvement

Ralph Goodman wrote an article specifying why using time management, critical thinking, and attention to detail as well as adaption and cooperation are methods that can benefit people who use their time to explore and congregate with each other to solve puzzles. The rooms sometimes force you to work with strangers, bringing you out of your comfort zone to work together. It keeps your brain stimulated and helps your strengthen your observation skills.