The Gardens on Spring Creek is a botanical garden set in the Spring Creek corridor in Fort Collins and owned by the city of Fort Collins. The 18-acre gardens are one of the largest horticultural venues in northern Colorado and welcome more than 65,000 visitors a year.

The Gardens on Spring Creek were established in 1995 when the city of Fort Collins instituted a horticulture program and have been growing and developing ever since. The gardens feature an array of display gardens with different themes, showcasing both local and foreign flora, including trees, shrubs, herbs, vegetables, fruit, flowers and more.

The Children’s Garden is a garden specially designed for curious young minds to explore with winding pathways and footbridges, rock gardens, water features and ponds, straw bales, ponds, and grasslands. Child-friendly activities include watering cans, a Dr. Seuss Playhouse and box, a miniature train garden and friendly scarecrows.

The Garden of Eatin’ is an edible garden bursting with a variety of colorful fruits, vegetables, and herbs that demonstrate sustainable gardening. The garden features an International Garden with new and intriguing vegetables, a Pollinator Garden to welcome beneficial insects, a Potager Garden to demonstrate the utility and beauty of a kitchen garden and an array of aromatic herbs and spices.

The Rock Garden is a naturalistic garden featuring plants native to Colorado, plants that have adapted themselves to survive in Colorado, and an award-winning collection of dwarf conifers.

The four-season Entryway Garden features and showcases flowers chosen from the Plant Select Program laid out in three different beds, as well as several annual flowers every year.

The Gardens on Spring Creek also feature a variety of Demonstration Gardens with particular flowers, such as the Dahlia and Daylily Demonstration Gardens, which features hundreds of varieties of dahlias and daylilies. There is also a Wetland Demonstration Site, which is a beautiful naturalistic site that features native wetland, upland plants and riparian, and a Turf Demonstration Site that features different varieties of grass in Northern Colorado.

The Sustainable Backyard Garden presents eco-conscious ideas to gardeners and homeowners while highlighting the use of sustainable landscape materials such as bird thickets, turf alternatives, native plants, windscreens and dry creeks.

The Xeric Parkway Strip was designed by an internationally acclaimed landscape designer and showcases an array of xeriscape plants that thrive in hot, often inhospitable areas.

The Gardens on Spring Creek offers community gardens to the public in six locations around the city, including in the four public parks of Buckingham Park, Rogers Park, Edora Park, and English Ranch Park. These gardens offer residents the opportunity to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and annual flowers in a securely fenced area and amenities include compost bins, tool sheds, access to water and hoses, and picnic tables.

The Gardens on Spring Creek present an array of educational programs for both adults and young learners throughout the year. Adult classes include ‘High Plains Landscaping’ workshops, Fall Classes, and ‘Plant it Forward’ classes, while youth programs include ‘Read and Seed’ classes, summer camps, and after-school day camps.


The Gardens on Spring Creek presents ARTiculture – the convergence of art and horticulture within the gardens. The program blends unique sculptures by local artists that celebrate Colorado’s beauty with the natural beauty of the gardens to offer visitors a unique and memorable experience.

The Greenhouse

Opened in 2004, the greenhouse is a year-round attraction that offers visitors a sensory, functional and educational experience. The 1,600 square foot greenhouse provides a light-flooded space for growing plants year round, including annuals, perennials, vegetables, fruit and herbs, holiday crops, Christmas flowers, and succulents. The greenhouse was built with the purpose of providing horticultural opportunities for volunteers and students in a public setting, to grow a variety of plants for the Parks Department and demonstrate the growth of various plants in small spaces such as in sunrooms.

The Gardens on Spring Creek is located at 2145 Centre Avenue in Fort Collins and is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed on Sundays between October and April). Tours of the gardens are offered by experienced and knowledgeable volunteers who explore the beauty of the gardens and share their passion and expertise on horticulture and the plants in the garden. Tours last about an hour and there are picnic tables dotted about the gardens where a light lunch can be enjoyed. The Gardens host a variety of special events throughout the year, including Spring Plant Sale, Yoga in the Gardens, Nature’s Harvest Festival, Halloween Enchanted Garden, and Garden of Lights.

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2145 Centre Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80526, Phone: 970-416-2486

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