Located in Oklahoma City, Science Museum Oklahoma has provided residents and tourists with a history-rich consider the world of science. Explore endless interactive and educational opportunities at the Science Museum of Oklahoma.

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John Kirkpatrick and his family were prominent leaders and influencers in Oklahoma City. The whole Kirkpatrick family made it their mission to give back to the community as much as they could. They have contributed to various art and educational organizations, as well as participating in various philanthropic events.

One of the contributions to the community the Kirkpatrick Family made was creating a new building for the Oklahoma Science and Arts Foundation in 1962. The institution was a place that had a planetarium and museum, as well as a science center. Then, in early 1978, the Kirkpatrick extended the idea of the Oklahoma Science and Arts Foundation and created the Kirkpatrick Center. This center would eventually become the home of the Science Museum of Oklahoma.

Two years later, the Oklahoma Air and Space Museum opened, which showcased the aviation history of Oklahoma. Then, in 1996 the Kirkpatrick Center, Oklahoma Air and Space Museum, and Science Museum of Oklahoma blended together and created the comprehensive Kirkpatrick Science and Air Museum at Omniplex. Finally, in recent years, employees, trustees, and volunteers of the museum continued to discover new ways that they could integrate science into their everyday lives. As the importance of science, and new scientific research emerged, the name was changed from the Kirkpatrick Science and Air Museum at Omniplex to simply the Science Museum of Oklahoma.

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© Science Museum of Oklahoma

One of the best things about the Science Museum of Oklahoma is that every attraction is permanent. Not to mention that most of the attractions are interactive. Thus, you won’t have to worry about missing out on a certain exhibit if you didn’t have time to tour the whole museum.

Da Vinci-The Genius features a variety of work from Da Vinci. While people are familiar with Da Vinci, they are most likely only familiar with one of the concentrations he worked in. Most people are surprised to learn that Da Vinci focused on art, science, anatomy, engineering, architecture, sculpting, and philosophy. Thus, this exhibit provides a detailed look into some of the rarest and most magnificent work of Da Vinci.

CurioCity occupies 20,000 square feet of the museum, and takes visitors throughout eight different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is jam packed with interactive activities that are a fun way for kids and adults to explore the world of science.

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3.More Things to See

More Things to See
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Planetarium allows visitors to explore the breathtaking beauty of the sky. Guests will have the chance to learn about a variety of objects and factors that have to do with space, including how to spot different constellations and the different planets and galaxies that are in space.

Destination Space provides visitors with an introduction to space, and what space exploration is like. As the only state that has astronaut participation in every single phase of the space program at NASA, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Science Museum at Oklahoma provides visitors with a one of the kind space exploration and experience. This exhibit even has an astronaut stimulator, the Mercury Stimulator, which makes guests feel like they’re on a mission to space instead of a science museum.

Aviation showcases the various aspects of aviation, and the overall history of aviation in Oklahoma. This exhibit has various types of artifacts, from drawings made by renowned artists like Leonardo DaVinci to life-sized pieces of aircraft, there is something that will interest everyone.

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4.Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit
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Since the Science Museum of Oklahoma was founded upon ideals that scientific research and education are among the most important things in life, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the museum has a variety of phenomenal educational opportunities. Aside from the typical guided and specialized tours that the Science Museum of Oklahoma offers, the museum also has opportunities for people to spend a night in the museum. Another interactive and immersive educational opportunity is the various day camps that the museum provides. There are a few different day camps that are offered throughout the year.

A fantastic opportunity that the museum gives older students is their Teen Apprentice Program. To participate in the program, teens must apply in the spring. If they’re accepted, they will spend the summer exploring the museum, honing research skills, learning about science, and even obtaining new job skills. This is the perfect educational program for teens who are interested in science or want to pursue a career in science.

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