Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Science Museum of Minnesota promotes the exploration and education of science. The Science Museum of Minnesota is largely comprised of permanent attractions that explore various areas of science and education.

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© Science Museum of Minnesota

In 1906, Charles W. Ames led a luncheon that discussed what the future would hold for Saint Paul in regards to science and educational growth. Ames and the members of the luncheon decided to create a museum, and one year later the St. Paul Institute of Science and Letters was founded. From the time the museum was founded until the 1990s, the museum frequently moved locations. But, in 1999 the museum moved to its current and official facility, and changed its name to the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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2.Permanent Attractions

Permanent Attractions
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Dinosaurs & Fossils showcases millions of years of history that is represented within displays of fossils and dinosaurs. Some of the highlighted dinosaurs in this exhibit are the triceratops, allosaurus, and diplodocus.

Experiment Gallery is an interactive exhibit that allows visitors to explore hands-on experiments. Visitors can learn about weather and nature through hands-on tornado and wave tank activities, or imagine what driving a hybrid car is like through the hydraulic hybrid car stimulation.

The Human Body allows visitors to learn about the intricate design of the human body. Visitors can explore everything related to the human body within various exhibits, such as an interactive cell lab, an Egyptian mummy, and a perception exercise.

Math Moves proves that math is used in every aspect of our lives. Visitors can explore how to draw with gears, how motion is created, and how light corresponds with scaled objects.

The Mississippi River explore the history and environment of the Mississippi River, which is the longest river in America.

Native American Exhibition focuses on the dense history and significance of the Dakota and Ojibwe people who were the original inhabitants of Minnesota.

Omnitheater is a whopping 90 foot dome that plays various films and features on a daily basis. The stunning graphics in the Omnitheater will have visitors believing they are exploring space or interacting one-on-one with wild animals.

Race: Are We So Different explores the fact that there is no scientific evidence that there are differences between races, other than the color of skin. Visitors will have the chance of exploring the history of the idea of race, how race has impacted social and political experiences, the different histories for each race, and how the world would be different if race was never distinguished as a difference.

Weighing the Evidence displays a variety of objects and advertisements used throughout history. Through the exploration of this exhibit, visitors have the chance to distinguish between fact and fiction. The skills that visitors learn through Weighing the Evidence can be used in their daily lives to make smart decisions of what to purchase.

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3.Special Attractions

Special Attractions
© Science Museum of Minnesota

While the bulk of exhibitions at the Science Museum of Minnesota are permanent, the Science Museum of Minnesota still has a variety of special attractions. In order to obtain an updated list of special attractions at the Science Museum of Minnesota, head over to the museum’s website.

A Beautiful Planet is the current film being showcased at the Omnitheater. This film showcases a unique perspective of our planet and galaxy. Never before seen angles and perspectives of our planet are explored within this film. You can check out a trailer of A Beautiful Planet on the Science Museum of Minnesota’s website. This film will be showcased until March 2, 2017.

Sportsology is the newest special attraction at the Science Museum of Minnesota. This exhibit explores the science of motion that is used within sports.

Science Live is an ongoing special attraction that houses a variety of live special exhibits. Currently there are 20 special presentations that rotate throughout the week. For more information about Science Live, and the current special presentations, check out the Science Museum of Minnesota’s website.

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4.Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities
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The Science Museum of Minnesota has a variety of educational opportunities. While the majority of the educational opportunities at the Science Museum of Minnesota are geared towards children, the museum offers an array of programs for adults. Some of the educational opportunities the Museum offers include day camps, overnight camps, and special classes.

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120 Kellogg Blvd W, St Paul, MN 55102, Phone: 651-221-9444

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Things to Do in Saint Paul: Science Museum of Minnesota