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Science Central is a 30,000 square foot facility that promotes the exploration of science, math, and technology. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Science Central used to be a power plant. Science Central



In 1987, a group of engineers, business leaders, parents, and teachers in Fort Wayne, Indiana agreed the community needed a center that was devoted to the education and exploration of science and discovery. The group of people also agreed the center had to be focused on hands-on activities that would show kids learning and exploration could be fun.

This initial idea of what would become Science Central manifested itself as the Science Collective of Northeast Indiana Inc. The Science Collective of Northeast Indiana, Inc. did not have a comprehensive location. Instead of being a museum, the organization traveled to museums, educational facilities, and schools to provide kids and the general community with fun and engaging scientific explorative activities. The organization gained recognition in the summer of 1989 when they sponsored the Dinosaurs Alive event at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

After proving the organization was successful among the community, the Science Collective of Northeast Indiana, Inc. rounded over 200 volunteers and officially opened their public museum on November 5, 1995. Science Central is known as the first hands-on science facility in Indiana, and has become popular among the community and Fort Wayne visitors. Photo: Science Central

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»Permanent Attractions

Permanent Attractions

Science Central is home to more than 130 hands-on attractions that explore science, math, and technological concepts. With that many hands-on activities, there’s truly something for everyone at Science Central. If you’re interested in learning more about the permanent attractions at Science Central, head over to the museum’s website to view their virtual tour!

High Rail Bike allows visitors to experience what riding on a bike, 25 feet in the air, feels like. Although this attraction is similar to what someone might expect to find at an amusement park, the High Rail Bike is meant to teach visitors about the fundamentals of balance and gravity.

Kids Central is a permanent attraction designed for kids between the ages of two to seven. A variety of smaller-scaled hands-on activities allows younger kids to explore science while being entertained.

Science on a Sphere is a six-foot diameter size sphere replication of the Earth. Science on a Sphere enables visitors to examine the Earth, and all of its aspects, in an up close and personal way. When you first walk into the room, the Earth replication will appear to be rotating and floating in the middle of the air. From there, you have complete access and control of what the Earth does and focuses on. You can examine ocean currents, tropical rain forests, and even change the sphere into a different planet, such as the Moon or Mars.

It’s important to note that most of the permanent attractions at Science Central have age, height, and weight requirements. Photo: Science Central

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»Special Attractions

Special Attractions

Science Central typically hosts a variety of special interactive attractions throughout the year that provide a glimpse into different foundations and concepts that the permanent attractions at Science Central don’t cover. Since it is the beginning of the year, Science Central currently does not have any special attractions on display. For more information about past special attractions, and upcoming special attractions, head over to Science Central’s website. Photo: Science Central

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»Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Education is extremely important to Science Central. After all, the idea of Science Central originated from a group of people who wanted to provide the general Fort Wayne community with a facility dedicated to promoting the exploration and education of science. Some of the educational opportunities at Science Central include classes, camps, field trips, and internships.

One of the most extensive educational opportunities at Science Central is the internship program for high schoolers. This internship program is perfect for high school students who have a passion for science and are considering a career relative to STEM. Through the internship program, high school students will develop critical skills and contacts that will help them in the future when they pursue a career within a STEM industry. In order to successfully complete the internship program, participants have to be a current high school student and be willing to keep a good attendance at each lesson and event. For more information about the high school internship program, and other educational opportunities at Science Central, head over to the museum’s website.

Back to: Fort Wayne, Indiana Address: 1950 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, website, Phone: 260-424-2400 Photo: Science Central

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Things to Do in Fort Wayne, Indiana: Science Central