Reid Park Zoo

Located in Tucson, Arizona, the Reid Park Zoo is a 24 acre zoo that is home to over 500 animals. Throughout the Reid Park Zoo’s 24 acres, visitors can see and interact with over 500 animals. The Reid Park Zoo, AZ, is divided in four main attractions: South America, Asia, Africa, and Expedition Tanzania. Photo: FomaA/Fotolia



The Reid Park Zoo was founded in 1965 by the Parks & Recreation director Gene Reid without an official name. Reid opened the Zoo with only a few animals, which include a guinea fowl. One year after the Zoo opened, Reid acquired enough animals to occupy around 1.5 acres of land. He officially named the Zoo the Randolph Park Children’s Zoo. In 1968, Reid was given a $49,000 budget and gave the city power in the Zoo’s operations. With the new facilities and animals, the Zoo changed its name to simply the Randolph Park Zoo.

In 1972, under the direction of J. L. Swigert and Michael Flint, the Randolph Park Zoo was accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. Throughout the 1970s, the Zoo continued to expand its facilities and acquire more animals. With the establishment of the Asian Grasslands attraction and a new expansion worth 15 acres the Zoo’s name officially became the Reid Park Zoo in 1978. Photo: Milan/Fotolia

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The animals on display within these attractions include:

· Elephants

· Grizzly bears

· Guanaco

· Anteaters

· Lions

· Zebra

· Giraffes

· Black and white ruffed lemurs

· Flamingos

· Macaque

· Capybara

· Jaguar

· Rhino

· Fennec fox

· Aldabra tortoise

· Bearded dragon

Some of the smaller attractions located within the four main areas include:

· Lee H. Brown Family Conservation Learning Center

· Carousel

· Kenya Get Wet

· Giraffe Encounter Photo: Miroslav/Fotolia

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»Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

The Reid Park Zoo offers a variety of educational opportunities for people of all ages. The educational programs at the Reid Park Zoo differ among who they are offered for. The three main categories of educational opportunities at the Reid Park Zoo are groups, individuals and families, and teachers.

Groups have the opportunity to schedule various outreach programs or specialized tours. The Reid Park Zoo offers different group options for different groups that may be visiting the Zoo. For example, if a school is visiting the Reid Park Zoo, the have the opportunity of scheduling a self-guided tour or a tour with the accompaniment of a tour guide and educational activity.

As for individuals and families, the Reid Park Zoo offers a variety of classes and fun educational activities. The classes and activities offered for individuals and families are continuously changing. So, check out the Reid Park Zoo’s official website for more information about the educational opportunities available for individuals and families.

Lastly, the Reid Park Zoo offers a variety of programs for teachers. Teachers have the opportunity of bringing their class to the Reid Park Zoo, or participating in one of the Zoo’s outreach programs, so the Zoo comes to their classroom. If a teacher decides to visit the Reid Park Zoo with their class, they can use a free Bio Bag. A Bio Bag is a free program that contains a variety of objects and activities for students to explore and participate in as they tour the zoo. Bio Bags are used by teachers who book self-guided field trips. Other educational opportunities for teachers at the Reid Park Zoo include workshops and activities that tie together school curriculum and information from the zoo. Photo: Jeff McGraw/Fotolia

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»Special Events

Special Events

The Reid Park Zoo hosts a combination of public and private events throughout the year. Every month, the Reid Park Zoo hosts new and exciting public events that are great for everyone. One of the benefits of these public events is that most of them are free with admission into the Zoo. The special public events at the Reid Park Zoo include festive celebrations, animal awareness programs, explorer programs, and special classes or workshops.

The Reid Park Zoo is used to hosting private events. They even have a designated event garden to host many of their private events. Typical private events at the Reid Park Zoo include birthday parties, cocktail mixers, weddings corporate events, and any other celebration or gathering. The Reid Park Zoo has a team of specially trained employees who can help plan your perfect event. The Zoo also offers a catering partner, Taste, which makes it easy to set up catering for your special event.

If you’re interested in learning more about the public events at the Reid Park Zoo, or how you can host your own private event, check out the Zoo’s website, or visit the Zoo’s visiting center during their hours of operation.

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Things to Do in Tucson, Arizona: Reid Park Zoo