The Quarry Hill Nature Center is located in Rochester, Minnesota, and is a museum dedicated to opening the eyes and minds of the general public to the discovery of natural science. The Quarry Hill Nature Center has summer and winter hours.

In 1965 the Quarry Hill Park was purchased from the Rochester State Hospital farm by the City of Rochester. Seven years later, the Quarry Hill Nature Center was built by labor, funds, and materials that were donated by residents of the Rochester community. One year later, in 1973, the Quarry Hill Nature Center officially opened under the direction of the Rochester Public School District and the Rochester Park Department.

In the early 1990s, the Quarry Hill Nature Center underwent renovations that tripled the main floor area and provided an overall larger space for to make it easy for visiting schools and the general public to explore the Quarry Hill Nature Center at the same time. Later in the 1990s, the Quarry Hill Nature Center underwent a few more renovations that created an array of rooms, including classrooms and an observation room, which enhanced the educational quality of every visitor’s experience.

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The Quarry Hill Nature Center is home to a variety of attractions that explore the significance of natural science knowledge and exploration.

Exploration Hall enables visitors to explore the bulk of the Quarry Hill Nature Center’s collection. The objects and displays in the Exploration Hall are some of the most highlighted and popular features in the Quarry Hill Nature Center. Visitors can enjoy reading and observing the exhibits in the Exploration Hall, as well as participating in the variety of hands-on activities.

Live Animals explores the 35 species of live animals that the Quarry Hill Nature Center is home to. While majority of the animals in this attraction are native to Minnesota, there are a few of exotic animals on display. Visitors can learn about the similarities and differences between all of the animals, as well as general information about each animal.

Raptors showcases a variety of information about birds that range from nocturnal owls to everyday flyers.

Indoor Observation Honeybee Hive is an exhibition that has been featured for over 20 years at the Quarry Hill Nature Center. The unique and interesting part about the Indoor Observation Honeybee hive is that visitors can examine different aspects of the hive throughout the year.

Bird Study allows visitors to get up close and personal with some of the most popular Minnesota-native birds.

Education is extremely important to the Quarry Hill Nature Center. This is showcased through the Quarry Hill Nature Center’s wide variety of educational opportunities for people of all ages. Some of the educational opportunities that the Quarry Hill Nature Center offers includes; classes, special events, interactive activities, specialized tours, and a summer camp.

The Quarry Hill Nature Center offers educational classes for young children and adults. The classes offered for young children are designed to promote learning and exploration in children. Participants use hands-on learning techniques to learn about the outdoors and ecosystems. These classes are the perfect way to introduce children into the significance and importance of natural science, and learning in general.

Another popular program at the Quarry Hill Nature Center is the array of special interactive activities that are available throughout the year. Visitors have the chance to participate in a variety of activities that show learning about natural science is a fun and engaging activity. Most of the special activities that the Quarry Hill Nature Center offers corresponds with the designated season or holiday that is closest. For example, one of the most popular activities the Quarry Hill Nature Center hosts is the Winterfest Event.

The Winterfest Event is an all-day event that gets the Rochester community in the winter and holiday spirit. Seasonal music is played throughout the day as participants explore inside the Quarry Hill Nature Center and play in the winter games outside. After participating in fun and interactive winter games outside, such as snow bowling, visitors can head inside and enjoy hot cocoa and candy canes while sitting near a roaring fire.

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701 Silver Creek Rd NE, Rochester, MN 55906, Phone: 507-328-3950

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