Located in Cleveland, Georgia, the North Georgia Zoo is home to a variety of native North American animals and exotic species. Since the North Georgia Zoo opened, the Zoo has maintained a mission of, “The 3 C’s: Care, Connect, and Conserve”. The North Georgia Zoo ensures that every animal, employee, and guest is exceptionally cared for. The Zoo does this by maintaining clean and updated facilities, engaging programs, and all the other necessary resources.

Following the Zoo’s mission of the 3 C’s, the North Georgia Zoo hopes to connect people and animals, people and God, and people to people. This is possible through the North Georgia Zoo’s extensive programs and activities.

Finally, the North Georgia Zoo conserves through funding and supporting organizations, teaching people about conservation through activities, connecting people and animals, and recycling.

The North Georgia Zoo has a variety of animals and interactive attractions for visitors to explore.

Petting Zoo Farm Friends is an interactive attraction where visitors have the option of feeding and petting farm animals.

Carnivores is an attraction dedicated to some of the world’s most popular carnivores. The carnivores in this attraction include cats and wolves, among other types of carnivores.

Primates is a display of various primates. Some of the primates in this attraction include; lemurs, marmoset, and gibbons.

Birds showcases a variety of birds from all over the world. The birds in this attraction range from smaller birds to multi-colored parrots found in the Amazon.

Reptile, Amphibians, and Insects displays a variety of interesting animals that some people fear.

Hoof-stock gives people a close and personal glimpse of hoof-stock, deer, and other animals. One of the highlighted animals in this attraction are the camels.

Other Mammals is an attraction full of a combination of other mammals, such as kangaroos and skunk.

The North Georgia Zoo offers a variety of educational opportunities for people of all ages. These educational opportunities include field trips, camps, Christian organizations, and zoo overnights.

The North Georgia Zoo has an array of field trip packages for schools and large groups. Here is a list of the current field trip packages at the North Georgia Zoo:

· Admission into the Petting Farm and either the Hayride or the Zippity Zoo presentation for $7 per person.

· Admission into the Petting Farm, Hayride, and Zippity Zoo presentation for $9 per person.

· Admission into the Petting Farm and an exclusive tour of the Zoo for $14 per person.

· Admission into the Petting Farm and either the Hayride or Zippity Zoo presentation, as well as a specialized tour of the Zoo for $16 per person.

Groups also have the opportunity of adding on an Outdoor Amphitheater Wildlife Wonders Assembly Program for $360. His program is designated for large groups with 100 to 200 people. In the assembly, specially trained zoo employees will interact with seven to eight different animals, and even allow some guests to head up to the stage and interact with the animals.

Although the North Georgia Zoo is a strong supporter of Christianity, they do not instill their views on their visitors. But, they have many opportunities for Christian visitors who want to practice their religion and learn about wildlife and the North Georgia Zoo. These educational opportunities are available through the All God’s Creatures Tours and Programs. These tours and programs blend fundamental Christian values with the values of the North Georgia Zoo and education about wildlife.

The last popular educational opportunity at the North Georgia Zoo is their overnight program. During their overnight program, participants arrive at the Zoo around 6 pm and leave around 10 am the next morning. Throughout their stay, participants have the opportunity to tour the Zoo and Petting Zoo in an in-depth and exclusive way. They will also enjoy a flashlight walking tour, live animal presentation, games, and a continental breakfast.

For more information about the field trip packages, All God’s Creatures Tours and Programs, overnight stays, or any other educational opportunity at the North Georgia Zoo, check out the Zoo’s website.

The North Georgia Zoo regularly hosts public and private special events throughout the year. Some of the annual public special events that are annually anticipated include the:

· Spring & Easter Festivals

· Fiber, Farm & Art Festival

· Scarecrow Trail & Pumpkin Fest

· Boo at the ZOO

· Holiday Celebration & Starry Night Tours

· Tree Toss & Recycle Your Christmas Tree

The North Georgia Zoo hosts other public events throughout the year. If you’re interested in attending a public event or hosting an event at the North Georgia Zoo, contact the Zoo during their hours of operation.

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2912 Paradise valley Road, Cleveland, Georgia, Phone: 706-348-7279

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