The Museum of Moab is dedicated to exploring, preserving and displaying artifacts and information about the natural and cultural history of the Moab area. Founded in 1958, the Museum of Moab explores over 250 million years of Moab's natural and cultural history through an array of galleries, exhibits and displays across several fields, including geology, paleontology, archeology, mining and the pioneers of Moab, Utah.

1.Galleries & Exhibits

Galleries & Exhibits
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The Geology of Moab

The Geology of Moab reveals the 500-million-year-old multi-layered history of the surrounding desert environment and how it was once a marine environment and dense green swamp that was home to dinosaurs. The exhibit features the Virginia Fossey Room which presents the various stages of the region’s geology and climate with samples of fossils and rocks; an incredible 55-square foot, a three-dimensional topographical map of the area carved by John Urbanek; and displays of the collapsed salt anticlines of the Moab Valley and Castle Valley.

The Paleontology of Moab

The Paleontology of Moab features an exciting collection of items found in the rock formations of the Moab area, including a full cast skeleton of Gastonia, an armored dinosaur that inhabited this area during the Early Cretaceous Period, and the real tail and pelvis of a 40-foot-long plant eater known as a Camarasaurus, that lived in the area during the Late Jurassic Period. Other fascinating displays include cast hind leg of a carnivorous dinosaur referred to as an Utahraptor, imprints of dinosaur tracks, and petrified sections of cycads and conifer trees from the Late Triassic and Late Jurassic Periods.

Other exhibits in the Virginia Fossey room include a display dedicated to the Mesozoic Era, the age of dinosaurs with beautifully illustrated panels and a partial section of vertebrae bones from a sauropod, Camarasaurus.

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2.More Galleries & Exhibits

More Galleries & Exhibits
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The Archeology of Moab

The Archeology of Moab features evidence of 12,000 years of continuous human occupation in the Moab region across five human cultures, namely Archaic Hunter/Gatherer, Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi), Fremont, Ute cultures, and Navajo cultures. Interesting pieces include arrowheads, baskets, clothing, pottery, and other artifacts.


The Museum of Moab shows how mining has touched and had an influence on all areas of Moab, ranging from the 1950’s uranium boom to the massive salt deposits which are three miles thick and radiate outwards for hundreds of miles from Moab and has a maximum thickness of three miles.


The Pioneers Gallery explores the history of Moab’s first permanent settlers who arrived in the region via the Old Spanish Trail in the mid-1870s and showcases how they lived in the early years of the town. Interesting artifacts and items on display include a 19th-century wood-fired cook stove, an old rocking cradle, a treadle-style sewing machine with old patterns, and beautiful steamer trunk with handmade quilts. Musically-inclined visitors can try their hand on an old Pickering upright piano, which was first piano to be brought into the Moab Valley.

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3.Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit
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The Museum of Moab offers a variety of educational programs for both adults and students, including workshops, classes, lectures, symposiums and other special events. The Museum also offers Experiential Education Centers (EEC) for grades kindergarten through six grade, which provides an interactive, hands-on approach to local history through fun-filled educational lessons, games, and activities.

The Museum of Moab features a collection of over 15,000 documents, artifacts, photos and other historical items from southeastern Utah, some of which are on display or stored in the library or the collections room.

The Museum is also home to an extensive library of books from fictional to historical relating to the history of the Moab Area and the surrounding South West. These books are for research purposes only and can be viewed by appointment only. The Museum also preserves over 50,000 slides, negatives, and photos in its Photo Archives section, which is also available for research by appointment.

The Moab Museum is located at 118 E. Center Street in Moab and is open Monday through Saturday during the summer from 10:00 to 6:00 pm and 12:00 to 5:00 pm in the winter.

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118 E. Center Street Moab, UT 84532 , Phone: 435-259–7985

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