The Mississippi Museum of Art is a comprehensive art museum with an array of permanent art collections and special exhibitions. Located in Jackson, Mississippi, the goal of the Mississippi Museum of Art is to engage visitors, and the general Jackson community, with intriguing and thought-provoking visual art.

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On October 27, 1911 the Mississippi Art Association formed by a group of artists from the 1911 State Fair. The main initiative for creating the Mississippi Art Association was for the benefit of artists. This association would enable artists to display their work continuously. All of the initial members of the Mississippi Art Association were also members of the Art Study Club in Mississippi. After creating the Association, members quickly created a permanent art collection.

The original president of the Mississippi Art Association, Bessie Lemly, was succeeded by Marie Hull in 1916. Under the leadership of Hull, the Mississippi Art Association advocated for the introduction of art education within the public school system. The Association’s avocation proved to be strong and powerful enough because the Central High School of Jackson introduced art classes, as well as the Mississippi State College for Women.

Although the Mississippi Art Association was founded in 1911, they did not receive a charter until 1926. The Association finally secured a charter where the present day Municipal Art Gallery is located. When the charter was signed, the Mississippi Art Association agreed to share this location with various other clubs and organizations. Although the Association’s space as small, they still managed to showcase their art collection and continue administrative duties.

It wasn’t until 1955, when Morgan Jones was the Association’s president that the Mississippi Art Association actively worked to building an official art museum. In the late 1900s, the City of Jackson created an initiative for a new complex that would be located near the Jackson Municipal Auditorium. On April 22, 1978, dedication ceremonies were held for the building and the museum. In order to signify the new and official developments of a museum building, the Mississippi Museum of Art was officially established in late 1979.

Since 1979, the Mississippi Museum of Art has underwent various renovations to ensure the Museum reaches its full architectural and art potential.

Currently, the Mississippi Museum of Art has over 5,500 pieces of art within their permanent collection. A comprehensive focus is drawn upon American art from 1865 to the current day within the Museum’s permanent collection. There is a minimal amount of information known about the details of the Mississippi Museum of Art’s permanent attractions. This is largely to create an enriching element of surprise when a visitor explores the Museum. What is known about the permanent attractions is the thematic exhibition the entire Museum’s permanent collection seems to embody and follow, which is The Mississippi Story.

The Mississippi Museum of Art regularly hosts special attractions throughout the year. The Museum is so dedicated to displaying special exhibits it even has a large and dense area specifically dedicated to displaying special exhibits. For an updated list of special attractions at the Mississippi Museum of Art, check out the Museum’s website.

2016 Mississippi Invitational is an annual special exhibit that features recent pieces of art from up and coming contemporary artists based in Mississippi. The 2016 Mississippi Invitational will be on display until March 12, 2017.

Common Passages: Reconsidering the American Scene explores America’s agrarian roots, specifically within the South and Midwest. Instead of romanticizing the rural lives of the 1930s, the artwork within this exhibit explores the misfortunes and fortunes of everyday rural life, including economic and social impacts from monumental historic moments in our country’s history. This exhibit will be on display until July 23, 2017.

Since the foundations of the Mississippi Museum of Art lies within education, it shouldn’t be a surprise the Mississippi Museum of Art values education and has an array of educational opportunities. The educational opportunities at the Mississippi Museum of Art range from standard programs, such as field trips and specialized group tours, to comprehensive and distinguished programs such as classes and internships.

One of the most diverse and distinguished educational opportunities at the Mississippi Museum of Art is The Museum School. The Museum School offers children, teenagers, and adults comprehensive and unique art education classes throughout the entire year. Classes range from fundamentals of colors and paintings, to exploring the themes, messages, and influences within a specific piece of art work. Many of the art classes draw inspiration and technique from the Museum’s permanent art collection.

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380 N Lamar St, Jackson, MS 39201, Phone: 601-960-1515