Rightly titled as the greatest little show on earth, Miniature World is a place that is guaranteed to be an experience like no other. When you enter the museum, you are not just entering another location with numerous exhibits that have a profound artistic meaning. Instead, you are entering the same world you live in – only on a far much smaller scale. Located in Victoria , Canada, this place is guaranteed to give you something unexpected on your day out.

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Miniature World is filled with numerous things and the entire museum is crafted with the finest of details, providing their visitors with a glimpse of these beautifully perfected creations. There are over 80 different exhibits at Miniature World, each revolving around a particular theme. Miniature World is also home to the world's largest dollhouse, something that is rather unusual for a miniature-themed museum. However, this dollhouse has gained enormous amounts of recognition due to the extreme amount of detailing and work that has gone into making this beautiful piece. The dollhouse comprises 50 different rooms, each specially designed, and every single detail of the dollhouse has been given focused attention, making this exhibit a true masterpiece.

Miniature World is also home to some mini-versions of popular Canadian sights and tourist attractions, and these are why most people come here as this is a rather fun and unique way to look at the city and country. For tourists who can’t make it to every single place in the city during their visit, this exhibit helps them to visit the entire city from a giant’s eye-view!

Currently, the featured exhibit at the museum is the famous “King Arthur’s Camelot Show,” which features numerous aspects of tiny humans dressed in medieval clothing, depicting the time and era during the rule of King Arthur. But it isn’t just the past that Miniature World delves into, they also have numerous exhibits revolving around the theme of space and the future.

It isn’t just the detailing that makes the exhibits what they are. Through the use of different elements like lighting and sound design, Miniature World can transport visitors to the era of the presentations, giving them an in-depth and more immersive insight into the world created by these miniature replicas. Each of the exhibits at the museum span fairly large areas, going as far as to have miniature versions of cities and famous places, complete with the people living in them.

A trip to Miniature World is sure to be a memorable experience and is bound to stay etched in your mind for quite some time. When planning a visit to Miniature World, it’s a good idea to a look at the Miniature World website to get a glimpse of what they have to offer. The entire facility would be hard to cover in one day, especially if you want to stop and look carefully at the immense amount of detailing that goes into the exhibits. Miniature World provides its visitors with a map which draws out the whole path of the museum and the exhibits they can visit and see. Accordingly, visitors can pick which rooms they want to visit and which exhibits to put on their must-see lists.

The museum has guided tours that take place at all times, so families and small groups coming to visit can join one of these, however, if you are planning to visit the museum as part of a large group, it is advised to contact the Miniature World office before making your trip to ensure that they can accommodate the entire party and give you a well-designed tour. Miniature World also offers a broad range of educational and field trip tours that are specially designed for kids and teenagers to give them a well-rounded experience of the entirety of Miniature World.

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649 Humboldt St., Victoria, B.C. V8W 1A7, Canada, Phone: 250-385-9731