Kroschel Wildlife Center is owned and operated by independent filmmaker, Steve Kroschel. He has been a naturalist for the majority of his life and has been making films for the last thirty-four years. His wildlife park was created to help mostly orphaned animals native to Alaska and Canada. Steve takes care of wolverines, grizzly bears, wolves, moose, and several other species of wildlife, as well as opens his park to people from across the globe to experience these creatures up-close. The message that he presents to visitors during his educational programs is one the fragility and interdependence of life on Earth.

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Kroschel Wildlife Center is located about twenty-eight miles north of Haines, Alaska. It is situated on Mosquito Lake Road, which can be reached from Haines Highway. The sign for the center is on the left side of the road. Most of the items found in the Wildlife Center's gift shop are unique and handmade in Alaska.

Tours at the Kroschel Wildlife Center feature unique opportunities for visitors to experience more than fifteen species of wildlife found in Alaska up-close and personal. These species include wolverines, snowy owls, foxes, lynxes, porcupines, reindeer, moose wolves, and even grizzly bears. Visitors have an unparalleled chance to photograph Alaskan wildlife in their natural habitats during one of Kroschel Wildlife Center's guided tours. These tours feature an easy walk along 600 yards of well-maintained trails, so visitors of all ages can enjoy the walk.

Among the personal and up-close experiences possible for visitors to Kroschel Wildlife Center are the chances to pet a baby moose; feed porcupines, reindeer, and moose; and maybe even kiss a moose. The guides are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and have huge personalities. Steve Kroschel is able to attract the wildlife at the park to him by using a range of realistic sound effects just from his own voice.

If visitors to Kroschel Wildlife Center are looking for more to do nearby, the well-known Glacier Bay National Park is only a short ferry ride away from Haines, Alaska. The park features deep fjords, freshwater streams, tidewater glaciers, and snow-capped mountains. Glacier Bay National Park is a land of contrast. Visitors will also discover a dynamic land and seascape that is able to support an amazing array of fauna and flora. Those exploring the park will realize nature's ability to adapt as they see life returning to areas of Glacier Bay National Park that have only recently been surrendered by spectacular glaciers.

There are several other attraction in nearby Haines, Alaska that visitors to Kroschel Wildlife Center can enjoy. From October to February, the greatest concentration in the world of bald eagles can be seen at the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. Orcas, seals, and many sea lions can often be seen at Lutak Inlet. Hiking, rafting, and winter sports activities are all available nearby as well. Haines has also become a popular area for heli-skiing. Visitors wanting to do some fishing should spend some time at Chilkoot Lake or Lutak Inlet.

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1.8 Mile Mosquito Lake Road, Haines, Alaska, website, Phone: 907-767-5464