The International Tennis Hall of Fame, located in Newport, Rhode Island, was founded by Jimmy van Alen and is a perfect destination for those interested in both the history and the current state of the sport of tennis. The hall of fame features facilities such as a museum, indoor tennis courts, and grass tennis courts and gives a thoughtful and detailed insight into all things about and around the noble game of tennis. The International Tennis Hall of Fame has plenty of awards on their rostrum, like the Tennis Educational Merit Award, the Davis Cup Award of Excellence, the Samuel Hardy Award, and the Eugene L. Scott Award.

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The Hall of Famers

The Hall of Famers has a long list of master players, including recent players as well as old time players dating back to 1956, and the United States has featured frequently on the induction list. There is a nomination process that can be submitted by individuals should they believe a certain tennis player should be inducted into one of the Hall of Famers’ three categories, namely Master Player, Recent Player, and Contributor, and a nomination form is available for each category along with a list of the eligible contributors, female tennis players, male players, and other players from various categories.

It may come as a surprise to visitors to see how far back the history of the game of tennis goes. For example, Dorothea Lambert Chambers, who was a force to be reckoned with and a player that many feared to compete against, was a master player back in 1981, winning seven Wimbledon championship titles. Other female names include Margaret Smith Court in 1979 and Maria Bueno in 1978 in addition to many other great players. Most will probably be familiar with Andrei Agassi or John Bromwich, but all of those listed here are worthy of having their names in the Hall of Famers. There is even a moving hologram of Roger Federer.


The museum’s collections house over 2,000 objects as well as thousands upon thousands of videos, images, artefacts, and publications. The history of the games stretches all the way back to the 12th century and the exhibits at the museum look at tennis through three different eras: The Popular Game, The Birth of Tennis, and The Open Era.

Education & Outreach

The programs offered here for students and teachers are accessible, interactive, and innovative, enabling the curriculum-based teaching of the International Hall of Fame’s museum collection and multiple exhibitions. The school programs available focus on social studies, geography, mathematics, literacy, science, and physics and schools can also book the Hall of Fame as part of the outreach program.

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194 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI 02840, Phone: 401-849-3990

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