Hohenschwangau Castle

Located in Schwangau, Germany, the Hohenschwangau Castle is mostly recognized as the summer home that was used by the Bavarian royal family. This magnificent neo-gothic castle should be on the tour list of everyone visiting Schwangau. Photo: Noppasinw/Fotolia



The earliest records of the Hohenschwangau Castle date back to the 12th century. These records detail the Hohenschwangau Castle depict the castle on the high rock site that the current Neuschwanstein castle sits. Although the history of the Hohenschwangau Castle bates back to the 12th century, it wasn’t until the 19th century that the names of the two castles (Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein) have switched.

From 1397 to 1832 the Hohenschwangau Castle housed various occupants and underwent deconstruction from war. In 1829 Maximillian II of Bavaria discovered the ruins of the Hohenschwangau Castle while he was walking. Although his father wanted him to move into the family castle, Maximillian II decided to purchase the Hohenschwangau Castle and rebuild it.

The castle’s reconstruction began in February 1833 and ended in 1837. The neo-gothic exterior design of the castle can be credited to Domenico Quaglio. After Quaglio passed away in 1837, Joseph Daniel Ohlmuller and Georg Friedrich Ziebland oversaw future renovations of the design.

After the castle was constructed, Maximillian used it as a summer and hunting house for him, his wife Marie of Prussia, and their two sons Ludwig and Otto. After King Maximillian passed away in 1864, Ludwig was crowned king and moved into the room his father occupied. He lived in the castle until construction of his castle, Neuschwanstein, was finished. The site of Neuschwanstein is where the old Hohenschwangau Castle was.

After Ludwig moved, the only person who lived in the castle was Queen Marie until she passed away in 1889. After her death, Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria occupied the 3rd floor of the castle. Under his direction, electricity was installed in the castle. In 1913, one year after Luitpold passed away, the castle became an official museum. Photo: Thin Air Photography/Fotolia

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Touring Hohenschwangau Castle gives visitors an insight into what life was like for the Bavarian royal family, and others during the 1800s.

The Hall of Heroes is also known as the banquet hall. This is the largest room in the Hohenschwangau Castle. Visitors can see a beautiful collection of art work that depict various scenes from the time period this castle was build. Highlights include art work that showcase the Wilkinia Saga and Dietrich von Bern.

The Queen’s Bedroom is the bedroom that Queen Mary occupied. Between the vibrant wallpaper and carpet, as well as the brightly hued decorations, visitors can see the Greek and Turkish influences that created the design in this room. The overall bright design can be contributed to the fact King Maximilian II decorated this room after he returned from Greece and Turkey.

The Hohenstaufen Room served many purposes. When King Maximilian II occupied the castle, he used the Hohenstaufen Room as a dressing room. Following his father’s footsteps, King Ludwig II also used this room as a dressing room. But, as he grew older King Ludwig II also used the room as a place to play and listen to music, which is why there is a piano in the corner of the room. Many composers played in this room, most notably Richard Wagner.

The King’s Bedroom is also known as the Tasso Room. King Ludwig II occupied this room and even had a full starry night sky with stars and a moon that illuminated featured on the ceiling.

The Berchta Room is where Queen Mary used to write. Taking inspiration from her bedroom, the Berchta Room features similar colors and wallpaper that Queen Mary’s bedroom had. Other features of this room include gorgeous and delicate ornaments, as well as a mural that depicts the legend behind Charlemagne’s birth. Photo: Hohenschwangau Castle

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»Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

The Hohenschwangau Castle does not provide many educational opportunities. The only educational program that the castle offers is a guided tour, which allows visitors to learn about the castle and its historical significance in-depth Photo: Hohenschwangau Castle

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The Castle Shop is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir or gift after touring the castle. Some of the merchandise in the Castle Shop includes; books about the royal family and the castle, postcards, drinkware, ornaments, and stuffed animals. Address: Alpseestraße 30, 87645 Schwangau, Germany, Phone: +49-83-62-93-08-30 Photo: vichie81- Fotolia.com

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Hohenschwangau Castle in Schwangau, Germany

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