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Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the renowned Harvard Art Museums are affiliated with none other than the Ivy League college, Harvard University. One of the best things about the Harvard Art Museums is that it is free for Harvard faculty, students, and staff (they even get to bring along a plus one for free), as well as people under the age of 18.

The Harvard Art Museum’s history is different than most histories because it basically has three different histories and identities. In other words, the Harvard Art Museums contains three different museums. Each of the museums have a different backstory, identity, and general art collection. Harvard Art Museums



Fogg Museum was founded in 1895 in a Beaux-Arts building that is located towards the north end of Harvard Yard. The idea of this museum was originally created by Mrs. Elizabeth Fogg. In 1891, Elizabeth Fogg wanted to dedicate an art museum to he late husband, William Hayes Fogg. After spending a few years in the Beaux-Arts building, the Fogg Museum moved to a new located on 32 Quincy Street. Today, the Fogg Museum is known from its extensive art collection that focuses on art from the Middle Ages and early Western time periods.

Bush-Reisinger Museum was originally founded as the Germanic Museum in 1901. This museum was among the first of its kind, and was founded with the idea to preserve and educate people about art in countries where German was spoke. After spending twenty years at its original locating, the museum was moved to Adolphus Busch Hall by funds supplied Hugo Reisinger. Years after the museum relocated, its name was changed to the current Bush-Reisinger Museum. But, the museum didn’t reside in Adolphus Busch Hall for long, because in 1991 it was moved to 32 Quincy Street in Werner Otto Hall.

Arthur M. Sackler Museum origins date back to 1912 when Langdon Warner established the first Asian art course in the history of American universities. Warner taught the course at Harvard, and helped the university to acquire an extensive collection of Asian, Islamic, and Indian art. Finally, in 1985 Harvard staff and a leading philanthropist, Dr. Arthur M. Sackler decided that the extensive art collection should have a permanent home. Thus, the Arthur M. Sackler Museum was built at 485 Broadway with the help of renowned architect James Stirling. Photo: Harvard Art Museums

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»Permanent Attractions

Permanent Attractions

Although extensive history is known about each of the Harvard Art Museums, not much is known about the magnificent art collection that lies within each art museum. What is known is that the Fogg Museum features art from all periods of time and regions of the world, the Bush-Reisinger Museum focuses on German art, and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum features Asian, Islamic, and Indian art. While the Harvard Art Museums’ website does not provide extensive knowledge about their permanent attractions, you can explore the extensive art collection on their database. Photo: Harvard Art Museums

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»Special Attractions

Special Attractions

Although the Harvard Art Museums have renowned art collections, each museum values the opportunity of housing a traveling art attraction. Like any other renowned art museum, be sure to check the museums’ website to find out about current special attractions.

Gordon Ward Gahan Collection features the breathtakingly beautiful photographs of the late Gordon Ward Gahan. Gahan begun his passion of photography while he was attending the Phillips Exeter Academy as a teenager, and carried his passion of photography through college and the rest of his life. His photographs feature the historical, cultural, and artistic impact of war. Photo: Harvard Art Museums

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»Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Since the Harvard Art Museums are affiliated with the renowned Harvard University, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Harvard Art Museums value education. Harvard students, and students of other universities, have access to a limitless amount of information that is spread out across a couple research centers, classrooms, and libraries. The Harvard Art Museums even have designated professors that students can seek out to aid them in their research.

As for the community, the Harvard Art Museums offer visitors endless amount of educational opportunities to immerse themselves within art and Harvard’s research facilities. Some of the educational opportunities for the community include; lectures, workshops, specialized tours, performances, and even film showcases.

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Harvard Art Museums in Cambridge, Massachusetts