Located in Greenville, South Carolina, the Greenville Zoo is dedicated to preserving, promoting, and educating people about the welfare of animals. Located within the historic Cleveland Park, the Greenville Zoo has an array of animals within their 14 acres.

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In 1957, the Greenville City Council drafted an initiative to create a park designated to the conservation and preservation of animals. This initiative was approved, and construction on the Greenville Zoo began in 1960. When the Greenville Zoo first opened, the only animals within the zoo were local animals such as bears, foxes, and ducks. Two years after the zoo opened, a monkey dome was added. This monkey dome housed more than 25 monkeys. Later in that decade, other exhibits were added to the Zoo such as the chimpanzee building and the sea lion habitat.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the Greenville Zoo continued to expand. For a brief time during the mid-1980s, the Zoo was temporarily closed to the public. During this time period, the Zoo underwent a major renovation, which created new and innovative facilities for a variety of new exotic animals.

The Greenville Zoo has a variety of animals. All of their animals are divided among the following habitats:

· Africa

· Asia

· Aviary

· South America

· Flamingo

· Alligator

· Ektopia

· Farm Animals

· Primates

· Conservation Station

For more information about the animals within the Greenville Zoo, visit the Zoo’s official website.

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The Greenville Zoo offers a variety of educational opportunities for everyone. Although the Greenville Zoo has an array of educational opportunities for adults and educators, majority of their educational programs are geared towards young children and students.

Young children have the opportunity to participate within one of the many educational activities available at the Greenville Zoo. These activities include Zoo Tots and other classes and workshops that are designated to encourage young children to become fascinated about animals and the world around them.

Aside from the programs available for young children, students can participate in a variety of intensive classes and workshops, camps, career days, and overnight stays. Majority of the classes and workshops available for students center around live animal presentations.

Students have the opportunity to participate in one of the variety of camps during spring and winter breaks, as well as summer. Camps are divided among the following age groups:

· 3 years old

· 4 to 5 years old

· 6 to 8 years old

· 9 to 11 years old

· 12 to 14 years old

During each camp division, students engage in a variety of interactive activities, explorations, games, experiments, arts and crafts, and live animal interactions.

Another fun educational program is the Zoo Career Day. During Career Days, middle school and high school students participate in hands-on activities that allow them to experience what working at a zoo is like. This program is perfect for students who are considering a career within a zoo, or a career related to taking care of wildlife. Career days are specifically designed for different age groups and interests. It’s important to note that like the camp programs, career days require prior registration.

Finally, one other highlighted educational program at the Greenville Zoo is the Zoo Overnight program. During Zoo Overnights, participants have the chance to explore and learn about the Greenville Zoo in an exclusive way. Groups can participate in either the “Who’s Who in the Zoo” or the “Nighttime Neighbors” overnight program. “Who’s Who in the Zoo” gives participants a general overview of every animal within the Greenville Zoo, and “Nighttime Neighbors” exclusively features nocturnal animals within their prime time.

Overnight stays begin at 3:30 p.m. and end at 9 a.m. the next day. Regardless of the overnight program, visitors can expect to participate in a variety of hands-on activities, games, arts and crafts, explorations, and live animal encounters and presentations, as well as a few complementary meals and souvenirs. It’s important to note that overnight stays are only available for weekends. Prior registration is absolutely required, and must be done at least three weeks before the intended stay. Lastly, overnight stays cost $50 per person, and cost a minimum of $1,000, regardless if there’s only a few people within the overnight stay group.

For more information about any of the educational opportunities at the Greenville Zoo, head over to the Zoo’s official website, or contact or visit the Zoo during their hours of operation.

After spending a day exploring the Greenville Zoo, be sure to stop by the Greenville Zoo’s Safari Gift Shop to pick up a souvenir. The Safari Gift Shop has an array of apparel, toys, educational books, drinkware, and other souvenirs and gifts.

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150 Cleveland Park Dr, Greenville, SC 29601, Phone: 864-467-4300

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