Located in Aiken, South Carolina at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, the DuPont Planetarium is one of the highlighted attractions opened to the public at the University of South Carolina Aiken.

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Since it was founded in September 1995, the DuPont Planetarium has been a facility dedicated to intriguing and educating students and the general public about science and space. The DuPont Planetarium was a part of a science and space initiative developed and carried out by the University of South Carolina Aiken’s Ruth Patrick Science Education Center.

The only attraction at the DuPont Planetarium is the Planetarium itself. It’s important to note that general public visitors are only allowed to visit the DuPont Planetarium on Saturday’s. When visiting the DuPont Planetarium, visitors fall into one of three categories: Student Groups, Public, or Private. Each category offers different pricing and show options. Regardless of the category a group falls in or the show they’re attending, each show typically runs around one hour long and has a “sky tonight” segment, in which visitors can see a live portion of what the sky looks like that night.

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The DuPont Planetarium offers an array of shows. Continue below to learn more about each show option!

Ancient Sky Lore is a completely live show in which a specially trained employee goes through the night sky and shows visitors a variety of stars and constellations. To go with each star and constellations, the presenter tells a brief history of the specific object and any tales related to that object.

Blown Away: Wild World of Weather allows visitors to explore what weather is like from space. A combination of presenters and meteorologists come together to educate visitors about space, weather, and how to predict storms.

Cruising Through the Constellations educates visitors on various constellations and why constellations are divided among different groups, such as zodiac.

Dark Shadows incorporates a variety of interactive activities and videos to teach visitors about the phases of the moon and eclipses. This is also a great show if people are interested in learning about the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, which is going to happen later in 2017.

Digistar “Laser” Fantasy is a laser-like presentation that is dedicated to American astronauts. In addition to the laser-like projections, music accompanies this presentation.

Digistar Virtual Journey takes visitors on a journey throughout space as if they were an astronaut. One of the highlights of this presentation is the virtual amusement park, which gives visitors a stimulating experience as if they were actually riding a roller coaster in an amusement park.

Engineering the International Space Station is an interactive presentation that gives visitors an abundance of information about the International Space Station, which nations are a part of the Station, and why the Station is significant.

Explorers of Mauna Kea gives visitors a chance to explore the volcano Mauna Kea, which is located in Hawaii. Throughout the presentation, visitors will learn why Mauna Kea is extremely popular, as well as why it is known as one of the best places to observe Earth and Space in the world.

Follow the Drinking Gourd showcases how slaves used scientific fundamentals from astronomy, as well as the power of song, to escape from slavery. Between generous and educated volunteers, the power of music, and astronomy, many slaves were able to successfully travel the Underground Railroad. After learning about a quick history of the Underground Railroad, visitors are shown a presentation of one family’s journey from bondage to freedom in Canada.

I Spy the Sky is a daytime and nighttime presentation in which visitors engage in a game of I Spy!

In My Backyard is led by Fred Penner, who is a family entertainer. Penner teaches guests what the various constellations and space phenomenon you can see right from the comfort of your backyard. He also leads a few interactive activities and sings a few original songs.

Journey into the Living Cell connects the details and intricacy of space to that of a living cell.

Larry Cat in Space is the perfect presentation for young children and families who want to explore space and the moon. Throughout this presentation, visitors will follow a cat named Larry who has dreams of traveling to the moon.

Mission to Mars is a one of a kind presentation in which it feels as if you are really traveling to Mars. From preparation on Earth, to traveling in a rocket, and exploring Mars, this presentation has it all.

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