Discovery Place in Charlotte is a center of discovery, exploration, and learning for all ages. Designed to inspire visitors to discover the wonders of science, technology, and nature through groundbreaking exhibitions and innovative educational programs, Discovery Place brings the natural world to life. One of the top hands-on science centers in the United States, Discovery Place features a range of amazing exhibits, displays and presentations, a state-of-the-art IMAX theater, and an array of creative educational programs that inspire discovery and learning.

Located on Tryon Street in the heart of Charlotte, Discovery Place provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the fields of science, engineering technology, and mathematics in a fun, interactive and informal setting and gain a better understanding of these vital aspects of life. Discovery Place is also home to the Charlotte Nature Museum and Discovery Place KIDS.

1.Discovery Place Nature

Discovery Place Nature
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Discovery Place Nature is located next to Freedom Park in one of the community's finest residential areas and offers visitors the opportunity to get up close to nature and the creatures that inhabit it. Visitors can walk among free-flying butterflies, crawl around with insects, observe the movements of live animals, or just hang out in the natural world. The Museum offers a range of daily programs that include puppet shows and various interactive activities that promote structured learning through free play for children of all ages.

Discovery Place KIDS

Discovery Place KIDS provides an extraordinary experience that challenges and engages children's imagination and inspires creative thinking and learning. Designed to serve children and their caregivers, Discovery Place KIDS also offers off-site educational experiences to community groups and schools through its ScienceReach program.

Celebrate Earth's biodiversity with a visit to World Alive, which provides a fascinating insight into the organisms, creatures, species, and environments from around the world through dynamic displays of different ecosystems, including an aquarium, a rainforest, and several learning labs.

Think It Up is a contemporary ‘thought studio' which inspires visitors to channel their inner inspiration, imaginations, and innovations through a multi-sensory world of color, light, sound and creation. This extraordinary display is packed with activities designed to inspire creativity and innovative thought through collaboration, problem-solving, risk-taking and pushing boundaries.

Explore the development and creative thought processes behind some of the world's greatest architectural icons from pyramids to skyscrapers in Project Build. Visitors can design their own buildings, sketch their own designs and develop floor plans for them with state-of-the-art multimedia programs.

Cool Stuff offers a chance to learn about science through casual play, and the Discovery 3D Theater presents an eye-popping experience of 3D digital filmmaking and state-of-the-art sound. Enjoy family-friendly short films that promise to exhilarate.

KidScience offers children ages seven and younger the opportunity to explore science through touching, tinkering, and trying with a variety of educational maths and science-based displays and experiences, including wind tunnels, water tables, air tubes, gears and building blocks.

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2.Educational Programs

Educational Programs
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In addition to outstanding exhibitions, hands-on displays, and thought-provoking presentations, Discovery Place offers a variety of educational programs to inspire learning through creative thinking, exploration and discovery of the natural world, science, and technology.

Discovery Place offers a range of onsite classes and field trips that bring the world of science to life. Classes could include hands-on construction, observation of live animals, creative experiments, arts and crafts and more using the Museum's brand-new hands-on labs and focusing on interactive learning activities.

ScienceReach is Discovery Place's museum-on-wheels and takes science and technology into the outside world with action-packed assembly programs and interactive presentations for school classes and afterschool clubs.

Homeschool programs provide homeschool families with a range of engaging and inspiring science classes in the Center's state-of-the-art labs and classrooms.

Discovery Place offers summer camps for children of all ages at locations throughout Charlotte and involves an array of adventures exploring color, chemistry, and other cool kid-friendly stuff.

Discovery Place presents a calendar of fun-filled, educational events throughout the year, including ‘Educator Saturdays,' where educators are invited to visit the museum to get ideas for teaching the sciences; ‘Solar Pyrography,' which explores the science of harnessing the sun; and an exciting ‘Behind-the-Scenes Aquarium Tour.'

Discovery Place is located on North Tryon Street in Charlotte and is open from Monday through Sunday. The Center offers both onsite and offsite parking for visitors and can be hired for special functions and events on request.

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301 N Tryon St., Charlotte, North Carolina 28202, Phone: 704-372-6261

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Things to Do in Charlotte, NC: Discovery Place