The Discovery Gateway is a 60,000 square foot attraction in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The museum was founded in 1978 and had a total of 8 exhibitions when it opened in 1983. The purpose of the museum is to interact with the children; helping parents understand the development process that is involved as they grow. In 2006, the non-profit organization took to changing its name from The Children Museum of Utah to Discovery Gateway after the completed move had been cemented. Discovery Gateway’s vision is to be the most sought-after educational resource center in the world, and consistently look to build upon that. Discovery often looks for sponsorships and volunteers, and have ways in which individuals can actively support with fundraising and donations.

The hands – on approach usually works, and the Discover Museum maximizes that with countless hours of fun, games and frolics for the parents and their kids. There is so much to be enjoyed that it's best if the children just lead the way. ‘The Kids Eye View’ is a view that allows the kids the freedom to simply explore a miniature world that has various sections like, Water Play, Ken Garff Service Station, Utah Family Farm, Climbing Wall, Gerri’s House, Construction Zone and Harmonds Neighborhood Grocer. ‘The Garden’ works as an exhibition that keeps things buzzing in the garden, and gets both child and parent to buzz along with the wide selection of balls.

There can't be any party without a ‘block party,’ and all young ages are welcome to play with the blue blocks - and to build their imagination in the process. The active return of the ‘Move it Exhibit’ measures a room space of 1,600 square feet, and is used as an obstacle course with activities like hopping, crawling, stretching, sliding, balancing, jumping and digging, and lasts for 60 minutes for all to participate in. The fun of physics can be a satisfactory experience with the ‘STEAM Studio, DG Derby & STEAM Lab’ - here is the competitiveness of competing on an aluminum derby track designed for pinewood racing. The rescue tips can be put to the test with the ‘Intermountain Healthcare Saving Lives.’ The kid can learn how to perform life – saving emergencies as a paramedic, pilot, or command center staff.

The Discover Museum has summer camps like ‘Full Steam Ahead,’ ‘Steam Explorers’ and ‘Once Upon a Time.’ The summer camps are graded from preschool to 3rd and 4th grade and K – 3rd Grade. The camps offer a range of subjects from Science, Math’s, Technology and Engineering, to kindergarten tales on fairies and steam based activities. There are art spaces, kid’s galleries, exploration of gardens and workshops. The other programs focus on cultural – based activities that will inspire the children as well as the adults. ‘Music in Motion’ has the children expressing themselves through musical instruments and starts from 18months and older. ‘Creative Kids - Family Artworks Program’ will attract the 2 – 5-year-olds who want to submerge themselves in the world of art. The young kids have access to materials like glue, paint and clay. There are ‘Daily Programs’ and ‘Annual Events’ that are chock-a-block with fun things to also do.

Discovery Gateway was recognized in 2011 for its continuance in nurturing the health and wellbeing of growing kids. The museum is one of seven in the country to receive the prestigious award from ACM. It has continued to promote its message of healthy eating, and wants kids to eat right and get plenty of exercises.

1473 S 700 W, Salt Lake City 84104, Phone: 801-908-7137

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