The Children’s Museum of the Arts New York was founded in New York City by Kathleen Schneider in the fall of 1988. The museum has been in the SoHo district since its construction. In 2010, the number of children artists had grown and the need for a new, state of the art building. Thus, ground was broken that same year on Charlton Street that would turn an old shipping and loading dock just west of SoHo into the 10,000sq. foot brand new Children’s Museum of the Arts.

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Although the location changed slightly, the mission has always remained the same—to introduce children and their families to the arts and the amazing transformative power that can happen when engaging in the arts together with professional artists. The museum is designed for children age 10 months to 15 years and offers classes for aspiring young artists to create through a variety of mediums and modes. The museum is especially proud to work with at-risk and underserved communities in New York.

The museum’s collection is comprised from over 2,000 works spanning 50 countries and dating to 1930. All of the works in the museum are made by children and were graciously donated through several collections including The Leon Bibel Collection, The Kuniyoshi Collection, and The Henry Schaefer-Simmern Collection. There is also the Solman Collection and Sona Kludijan Collection. Each collection comes from a different time and explores how the children in that time and place viewed their world.

There are also several paintings that are part of the Young Artists Residency Program which took 21 students from all parts of New Jersey that participated in a special 6 week class to create art based on how they see their world.

Operation Healing is a special commemoration of the 9/11 aftermath and healing process that is on display.

Mission to Space- There are 8 total artists that are exhibiting in this space. All pieces in the exhibit have a common theme of outer space and our imagination. This exhibit is meant to explore the boundaries of space travel and what that future holds for humankind’s future generations. There are paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, sound, and video mediums all present in this exhibition.

New Work by Ellen Van Dusen- Two installations from designer Ellen Van Dusen are on display that play with the ratio of space between clothing and home goods in large scale environments.

The Bridge Project: Crazy Space Odyssey- This exhibit features work by the teaching artists at CMA who are creating an interactive space station that will make visitors feel as though they are really in outer space when they enter.

CMA fulfills its mission statement by providing access to art through community programs that bring licensed artists and therapists together with communities that may not be able to experience art in any other way. Through generous donations, CMA is able to offer free summer classes on weekends, AR Together that helps brings children in the child welfare system to a friendly, happy, art filled place that help to reunite families in a nurturing environment, and Restart which offers free after school art classes to students in transitional housing.

CMA also offers classes in the museum where licensed teaching artists provide classes to students of all ages with interest in many mediums. WEE Art is for children ages 10 months to 5 years and is an introduction to art making.

After School is a semester long program after school that is divided up into two levels, Investigating Techniques and Refining Techniques. Students will choose which class based on their level of artistic ability and experience.

YAK stands for Young Artist Kollective and is a program for teen artists with studio space and materials to create their art, professional guidance, and worldwide opportunities, all for free.

Girlstories is for females who are 12-15 who want to be individuals, leaders, and empower people through the arts. This class teaches young girls how to express their own unique perspective.

There are also internships opportunities for teens, and the ability to earn class credit by working at the museum.

Art Colony- There are three Art Colony Sessions, winter, spring and summer. These are daycamp setting for kids age 6-15 who are then immersed in the arts all day long.

Private Lessons are available for individuals and small groups age 5-15. These classes are taught by licensed professional artists. The class length is at the discretion of the parent, student and teacher but can be to learn a new skill over several weeks, or one time guidance on a portfolio project, or refining a skill they are trying to master.

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103 Charlton Street, New York, NY 10014, Phone: 212-274-0986