Located in Austin, Texas, the Austin Zoo is a private institution that promotes the welfare and prosperity of many animals. Since the Austin Zoo was founded in 1990, the zoo has maintained a mission that promotes the rescue, rehabilitation, and education that is required to assist animals. Although the Austin Zoo’s mission has stayed consistent throughout the years, the number of species and educational programs the zoo offers has expanded and diversified.

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In 1990, the Austin Zoo originated as the Good Day Ranch. The Good Day Ranch only housed a select number of smaller species who needed a place to call home. But, within four years the Good Day Ranch had exponentially grown to house a variety of animals that included exotic animals. Since the Good Day Ranch began taking care of exotic animals, it was appropriately renamed to the Austin Zoo. Just shy of the tenth anniversary since the Good Day Ranch was founded, the owners of the Austin Zoo donated the entire facility to a nonprofit corporation. Since this transaction, the Austin Zoo has been run by a board of directors.

The Austin Zoo has over 300 animals that occupy around 15 acres of land.

Cats include a variety of popular cats from around the world. Every type of cat within this exhibit is either threatened or endangered. In other words, the population of these cats are low. That’s why it’s important to the Austin Zoo, and the world, that the cats within this exhibit are treated with an upmost amount of protection and care. Some cats you can expect to see within this exhibit are tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, and lions.

Meet More Mammals is an exhibit devoted to a variety of mammals. This exhibit explores the various factors that determine whether or not a species is a mammal, and the similarities and differences among mammals. Some of the highlighted animals in Meet More Mammals are the genet, coatimundi, and North American black bear.

Primates is home to a variety of lemurs, monkeys, and apes. Visitors can see a diversified collection of primates that include the capuchin monkey and black and white colobus monkey.

Birds is one of the highlighted exhibits at the Austin Zoo. The Austin Zoo is proud to house a variety of birds that range from native to exotic. A bulk of the birds at the Austin Zoo are native jungle birds.

Amphibians and Reptiles houses a comprehensive number of various tortoises, turtles, lizards, and snakes that come from all corners of the world. Be sure to check out the highlighted Galapagos tortoise while visiting this exhibit.

Domestic Animals showcases the domestic animals that visitors can interact with. While learning about various exotic animals, such as the Galapagos tortoise and lions, can be fun, you can’t interact with them. The Domestic Animals exhibit allows you to learn about various animals you could most likely find within your home town and interact with them by petting and feeding them.

Native Texas Wildlife explores the animals someone could find if they explored Texas terrain. Animals in this exhibit range from tiny Texas Ironclad beetles to larger animals, such as rabbits. This is a fun and explorative way for visitors to learn more about animals and Texas.

Education is extremely important to the Austin Zoo. After all, the importance of education is stressed within the Austin Zoo’s mission. While there is an array of educational opportunities for everyone, majority of the Austin Zoo’s educational programs cater to school aged children.

One of the most popular educational opportunity at the Austin Zoo is their phenomenal field trip program. Schools have the opportunity to visit the Austin Zoo and craft a specialized zoo tour to their preference. Throughout the field trip, specially trained employees engage students by guiding educational and interactive activities. Field trips can be tailored for any grade level and includes a discounted admission.

Another popular program at the Austin Zoo is Zoo Tots. Kids ages 2 to 5 have the opportunity to learn about the animals in the zoo, and other ecosystems and wildlife by participating in fun crafts, science experiments, zoo exploration and other activities alongside their parent or guardian.

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10808 Rawhide Trail, Austin, TX 78736, Phone: 512-288-1490