The Audrain Auto Museum in Newport, Rhode Island displays an impressive collection of beautiful and classic automobiles. The museum’s main mission is to preserve automotive history and show how this history shapes many of the vehicles seen today. The Audrain Auto Museum also partners with nonprofit organizations in the community to connect with the local people. First opened in 2014, the museum now contains over 200 cars and puts on three different exhibits per year.

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Audrain Auto Museum Display Floor

The display floor houses three fresh and unique exhibits, which currently encompass the Supercars of 2000, the Brass Era, and the Prewar Cars. Each era is significant to certain periods in American history, making this a fascinating activity for history buffs. The exhibits are displayed in such a way as to engage and inform the visitor all about these fascinating automobiles, and the cars on show here are well kept and beautifully maintained.


With a twin turbo engine and a horsepower level reaching 7,000 rpm, the 2003 Ferrari brings to mind a roaring beast. It was one of the last cars made by Enzo Ferrari and debuted on the 40th anniversary of the Ferrari Corporation in 1987. The body of the car is light and constructed from carbon fiber. The 2003 Ferrari is one of those displayed at the Auto Museum’s Supercar Evolution exhibition, while the 2013 Lamborghini, the 2013 Enzo Ferrari, and the 1955 Mercedes-Benz are some other models to drool over. The Classic and Fantastic collection also has some pretty classic names in its inventory, with the well-known 1960 Chevrolet convertible, which has featured in a number of movies, coming straight out of an era when convertibles were in their prime. Other exhibitions include the Speed Machines, American Muscle, Customs and Hotrods, Big, Bold and Brassy, Pre-war Automobiles, and the present exhibition, Drop Dead Drop Tops.

Audrain Auto Museum Blog

The Audrain Auto Museum blog is a great place to start, with glossy images and constant updates of the events that surround the museum. A recent blog post was about car shoppers looking for a bargain hunt at auction and there’s a Test Your Spec post that looks to see how much readers know, while there’s another with Danny Thompson, son of the famous Mickey Thompson, kissing the snowy white floor in honor of his father. The Here’s What Happens When You Crush Carbon Fiber with a Hydraulic Press is simply about this material’s torsional, tensile, and compressive strength and the video depicts Lauri Vuohensilta placing numerous pieces of carbon fiber into the press and revealing the rather unexpected results. If you are into Cadillac trivia, check out the Cadillac Escala.

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222 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, website, Phone: 401-856-4420

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