Located in Boise, Idaho, the Aquarium of Boise strives to enhance the quality of life for all animals through education and inspiration. Helping visitors understand, care for, and conserve terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Visitors can explore more than 10,000 square feet of beautiful saltwater exhibits filled with over 250 different species of animals and marine life.


The Aquarium of Boise was founded in 2008 and was built in a remodeled warehouse and was officially opened to the public in 2011. Currently, there are about 25,000 visitors a month including all kinds of school groups and community organizations.


Shark and Puffer Exhibit: This 17,000-gallon saltwater exhibit contains the largest species of sharks and the largest pufferfish, named “Letterman”, who currently reside at the Aquarium. There is a he coral refugium which provides filtration, safety and a healthy home for the creatures living in the exhibit.

Shark and Ray Pool: This exhibit allows visitors to get up close and personal with various sharks, sting rays, and bat rays. Visitors can put their hands into the pool and give these elegant creatures a nice slimy pet on the head.

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Reptiles: This exhibit contains a variety of reptiles including chameleons, iguanas, snakes, and monitor lizards. There are shady tree canopies filled with lizards, geckos, and all kinds of snake species.

Amazon Exhibit: This exhibit displays a variety of fish from the freshwaters of South America. This includes Cichlids, Plecostomus, Peacock Bass, Motoro Stingrays, and Red-tailed Catfish.

Amazing Angels Exhibit: This exhibit has more than 35 species of marine life in a 1,700 gallon tropical reef tank which allows visitors to feed and even pet the fish from around the Tropical Pacific Ocean.

Russian Tortoise: This exhibit features a sunken ship that a Russian Tortoise has taken over! Visitors can interact with the tortoise up close and personal.

Shark Nursery: This exhibit features bamboo sharks and their breeding ground complete with eggs and baby sharks ready to join their family.

Bird Aviary: This is one of the newer exhibits at the Aquarium of Boise and contains a variety of colorful and playful birds. Visitors can enter the aviary and have birds land right on your shoulder, including the Yellow Breasted Lory and the Rainbow Lory.

Tide Pools: This exhibit is mainly for children to enjoy and explore the little creatures that reside in tide pools, including sea urchins, fish, sea stars, and Spanish lobsters.


A wide variety of events can be hosted at the Aquarium, including birthday parties, mermaid parties, and even private and corporate parties. This includes weddings, graduations, and various community gatherings.


There are a variety of educational events and programs at the Aquarium, including group and guided tours, school programs for children ages K-6th grade, and a community outreach program entitled “Life in the Ocean”. This program allows the aquarium to visit a local classroom where an aquarium educator will discuss the diversity of ocean life and help the students interact with the animals up close and personal.

Additional Information:

Aquarium of Boise, 64 N. Cole Road, Boise, Idaho 83704, Phone: 208-375-1932

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