The Hong Kong Science Museum is meant to be experienced in an interactive way. Many guests come away from their day at the museum reporting feeling that science has really been brought to life for them in a very tangible way that must be experienced to be believed.

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The Science Museum was dreamed up by the Hong Kong’s Urban Council in 1976. Starting in the 1980s, the council started developing both the design as well as the museum itself. Construction started in 1988 and the building was finalized in 1990. The grand opening finally happened in April of 1991 and, since then, the museum has become the premier destination for learning science for guests of all ages. The museum occupies 12,000 square meters, is four stories high, and boasts an impressive 70% of its exhibits allowing for hands-on activity from visitors.

Permanent Exhibits

The core of the Science Museum, despite the many different special exhibitions, is the permanent exhibition which makes up the majority of the offerings there. In fact, there are over 500 different exhibits that make up the permanent exhibition display collection. The majority of exhibits are meant to be touchable and interactive.

? Energy Machine - Often considered the gem of the permanent collection, the 22-meter-tall (over four stories), twin towered machine is the largest of its type anywhere in the world. It displays how energy conversion works by making use of this large scale, action packed kinetic sculpture. There is a full plan which describes each section of the energy machine in detail, which is located on the museum website for guests who want the most scientific information possible. The energy machine operates at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm when the museum is open.

? Ground Floor - The ground floor (also referred to as G/F on the museum map) is the home to the Biodiversity, the Environmental Conservation (Jockey Club), Life Sciences, Mathematics, Motion, World of Mirrors, and Sound Galleries.

? First Floor - The first floor is the home to the E&M Gallery, which teaches guests about both electricity and magnetism.

? Second Floor - Located on the second floor are Food Science, Home Technology, Telecommunication, Transportation, and Prototype Zone Galleries.

? Third Floor - The third floor is home to the Children’s Gallery. This floor was designed specifically designed to accommodate the youngest guests by bringing science to their level with a unique combination of ten different exhibits that have been produced and created by Universcience, a company that specializes in this type of exhibit that is located in France. Children can learn to build houses, learn about the concept of space in Time Tower, and work on their observation skills with Hidden Animals. Children must be under 160cm tall to enter and be accompanied by an adult chaperone.

Standard ticket fees apply, and special exhibitions may require an additional fee. Free admission is provided for children under four and for all guests on Wednesdays.

Special Events

There are many different special events hosted at the Science Museum. From science lectures, theater, and competitions to events that are designed for both the elderly as well as children and families, the museum has something for everyone. The website hosts a complete and frequently updated calendar of all events as well as one divided out by either theme or subject, and guests are strongly encouraged to view it ahead of a visit.

The calendar also includes information on date, time, cost, and age limits (if applicable). There is also a section on what language each event will be held in, and events are often offered in English and Cantonese.

Although not a “special” event, special software is available for guests who are interested in working on a self-learning program to help them learn more about software in general. Guests who are interested can contact the museum ahead of time to schedule an appointment, and these computers are available during the week for 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm.


There are various souvenirs for purchase while visiting the Science Museum. Purchases help support the museum. Pick up a perpetual calendar, a set of postcards, a magnetic thermometer, a coffee mug, or any one of a variety of small pins and magnets to help commemorate a visit. The museum gift shop is located on the first floor and members are given a 10% discount.

Hong Kong Science Museum, 2 Science Road Museum, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2732 3232