One of the most populous countries on the planet, India is also one of the most extraordinary. Home to iconic natural and man-made landmarks, ancient temples, tantalizing cuisine, colorful festivals, inspirational architecture, and rich spiritual traditions, it's a place like no other and has proven immensely popular with generations of travelers for many years.

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In recent times, India has started to become even more popular as word spreads about the beautiful sites and dream-like experiences one can find in this exotic land. From the iconic Taj Mahal to the otherworldly landscapes of Hampi and the temples of Amritsar, India is filled with astonishing things to see and places to go.

Often associated with luxury and opulence due to its many breathtaking temples and palaces, a trip to India is made all the better if you choose to stay in a luxurious form of accommodation, and the luxury camps and palaces of Sujan are among the very best places to stay in India.

Sujan Luxury Camps and Palaces in India

Sujan is one of the top names in luxury accommodation in India. Owning and operating no less than four distinct, deluxe locations in places like Jaipur and Ranthambhore, Sujan can truly make you feel like a king or queen, providing only the finest levels of service, comfort, and convenience for every stay.

Ideal for everything from family getaways to corporate trips, weddings, family celebrations, marketing events, and more, the breathtaking camps and palaces of the luxury Sujan accommodation collection can provide the perfect base for your next trip. These palaces and camps can provide:

- Luxurious Facilities - Sujan excels in offering luxury accommodation, and you really will notice some big differences when staying in these deluxe accommodation locations when compared to typical hotels, resorts, or any other kind of accommodation you might be used to. The level of service and comfort in each location is second to none, with amazing facilities, breathtaking decoration, easy access to stunning local sites of interest, outstanding cuisine, and so much more guaranteed at all of these camps and palaces.

- Spa and Wellness Treatments - Part of the luxury services and features available at the Indian camps and palaces of the Sujan network include a huge range of exceptional spa and wellness services and treatments. When you head off on any kind of vacation or trip, be it a simple getaway or something extra special like a honeymoon, corporate brand launch, or other kind of special event, you want to feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated. With ancient eastern massages and ayurvedic skincare treatments, you’ll slip into a state of blissful comfort when staying at any Sujan location.

- Historical, Cultural, and Wildlife Experiences - Various bespoke experiences and custom excursions are available at each of the different Sujan luxury camps and palaces. This means you’ll really be able to experience some truly unique aspects of Indian life. From visiting ancient temples to participating in local festivals, tasting some of the country’s most delicious delicacies, roaming the streets of vibrant markets, and even coming up close and personal with monkeys, flamingos, antelope, and more, you can enjoy all kinds of unforgettable Indian experiences when staying with Sujan.

- If you’re planning a trip to India and really want it to be a magical, memorable experience, Sujan is the name to choose. Indulge your senses and treat yourself to a luxury getaway you’ll never forget at one or more of these outstanding locations.

The Camps and Palaces

The advantages of staying in these incredible luxury camps and palaces of India are clear to see. There are four different properties to choose from:

- Sher Bagh - Located in Ranthambhore, Sher Bagh is an incredible luxury campsite nestled on a stunning spot of land and surrounded by the sort of scenery that can take your breath away. With 12 luxrious tents to stay in and the outstanding beauty of the Ranthambhore National Park mere minutes away, this luxury Indian camp lets you enjoy a true safari-style experience with VIP comforts.

- The Serai - The Serai is located in Jaisalmaer. Set across 100 acres of private land, this jaw-dropping site takes inspiration from historical royal caravan sites. Ideally situated for trips to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Jaisalmer golden fortress and so many other unique points of interest, this property is simply perfect for any occasion.

- Rajmahal Palace - India is famous for its opulent palaces decorated with incredible art and intricate architectural detail, and you can experience the thrills of living in one of those locations for yourself if you choose to stay at Rajmahal Palace in Jaipur. An exquisite location that really can make you feel like royalty for every second of your stay, this palace has centuries of history behind it and has entertained many high profile guests over the years, including the Queen of England and Jackie Kennedy.

- Jawai Bandh - Last but not least, Jawai Bandh is located out in the Rajasthan wilderness. Surrounded by stunning landscapes where wild animals, including the likes of big cats and antelope, roam free, this campsite brings all the luxuries and comforts of a grand resort to the great outdoors. Featuring a total of nine luxury tents and easy access to caves, walking trails, and much more, it's an ideal accommodation location for nature and wilderness lovers. website