The modern world gives us so many options for vacations and travel experiences. Now, more than ever before, exotic destinations and far-off lands are completely accessible, and all of your travel dreams can come true. We’re also seeing more and more people favor the convenience and comfort of cruises over flights and hotels, and it’s clear to see that cruises have many advantages.

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Cruises are often much more affordable and relaxing for travelers. With a cruise, you’re getting travel, accommodation, dining, and activities all included, and you don’t need to worry about organizing all of those individual aspects yourself or wasting time getting from place to place, as the crew of your cruise ship will take care of absolutely everything for you.

Cruises are commonly associated with coastal cities and exotic island destinations, but cruises can also operate on some of the world’s most beautiful rivers. River cruises can be highly exciting and magical experiences, especially over in Asia, home to some of the world’s longest and most scenic rivers like the Ganges, the Chindwin, the Brahmaputra, and the Mekong. For Asian river cruises, Pandaw is the company to choose.

Pandaw - Luxury Asian River Cruises

The story of Pandaw actually goes all the way back to the 19th century. It was in 1865 that the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company was founded by Scots merchants, running cruise journeys along the rivers of Burma and eventually featuring a fleet of more than 650 ships. In 1942, the fleet was scuppered, and it seemed like the days of the company were gone, but in 1995, Paul and Roser Strachan brough the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company back.

They offered chartered river cruises along the Irrawaddy for the first time in decades. In 1998, upon discovery of a Clyde-built steam called the Pandaw, the company's name was created. Since then, Pandaw has been offering the best river cruises in Asia, expanding its services over the years beyond the borders of Burma into India, Vietnam, and other nations and providing luxury cruises on brass and teak ships along some of the most remote rivers in Asia.

- The Rivers - Pandaw currently runs cruises on some of the most well-known rivers in Asia, as well as some hidden and hard-to-navigate gems too. Examples include the Ganges in India, the Red River of Northern Vietnam, the Irrawaddy of Burma, the Mekong which traverses multiple Asian countries, and the Tonle in Cambodia.

- The Ships - Pandaw can currently boast of a fleet of 16 stunning ships in total. All custom built for the company and finished with high quality teak and brass by artisanal craftsmen, these ships offer luxury and comfort to every passenger. You'll find all kinds of comforts on board including huge staterooms with lots of floorspace and lots of in-room amenities like mirrors, power outlets, closets, under-bed storage, mineral water, spa-brand products, kimonos, slippers, complimentary canapés, and more. You'll also find personalized meal services on board, cocktails and refreshments welcoming your arrival, themed galas and events, open air lounges, bars, al fresco dining experiences, and more.

- The Experience - Pandaw cruises aim to provide truly unique and world class river cruise experiences you simply couldn't find anywhere else. Absolutely every aspect of these cruises, from the décor of the staterooms to the friendly and courteous nature of the staff, is designed to create a soothing, relaxing, peaceful experience for every passenger. You'll find all kinds of comforts and conveniences in your stateroom and around the shop, and each cruise itinerary is designed to feature regular stops at villages, towns, temples, and other fascinating locations, with lots of open-air deck space to let you admire the scenery as you sail along.

Examples of River Cruises with Pandaw

To get an idea of the kind of experiences you can expect to enjoy on these luxury Asian river cruises with Pandaw, let's take a closer look at just a few of the company's offerings:

- The Upper Ganges River - Stretching for over 2,500km in total, the Ganges is one of the world's longest and best known rivers, famed for its supposed spiritual properties and healing powers. The Upper Ganges River cruise with Pandaw is one of the best options for anyone wishing to explore this amazing river like never before. You'll see so much of Indian culture and life along the way, beginning your journey in Kolkata and stopping off at locations like Matiari, Mushidabad, Farakka, Mokama, Barh, and Buxar on your way to the final destination of Varanasi.

- Halong Bay and Red River - Many river cruises in Vietnam focus on other areas of the country, but Pandaw is giving travelers a chance to experience Northern Vietnam and the Red River delta on this 10-night Halong Bay and Red River cruise. You'll go deep into the pristine wilderness and lands of this part of the country, stopping off at mountain villages and tribal lands along the way and visiting places like Halong Bay, Ly Nhan Villlage, the Hung Lo Temple, and Hoa Binh.

- Chindwin & The Upper Irrawaddy - A 17-night combo cruise, the Chindwin & The Upper Irrawaddy lets you explore not one but two iconic Burmese rivers. Winding its way through forests, mountains, and charming little towns, the Chindwin is one of Burma's prettiest rivers and will see you stop at locations like Kalewa, Mingkin, and Phowin Taung Hill. Meanwhile, the second leg of your journey will take place on the mythic Irrawaddy, stopping at Katha, which once played home to world famous science fiction author George Orwell, as well as locations like Pagan, Mingun, and Mandalay. website