A land steeped in spirituality and incredible history, India is a mystical and magical destination that draws in curious and creative minds from all over the world. Attracting millions of tourists and travelers from all walks of life, India is renowned for its beautiful temples, rich culture, and especially its delicious cuisine.

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And there's no better place to experience the sights, sounds, and flavors that make India so special than in New Delhi. The capital of the country and home of some of the most iconic landmarks in all of India, New Delhi is also home to some of the nation's very best restaurants, with Omya standing out at the very top of the pile.

Omya - Delhi Restaurant

Housed in The Oberoi, one of the most luxurious and elegant 5-star hotels in Delhi, Omya matches up to its regal surroundings and the neighboring premium accommodation by offering truly world class meals devised by a Michelin-starred chef.

At Omya, diners are taken on an extraordinary journey, deep into the heart and heritage of the Indian subcontinent, their senses of smell, sight, and taste treated to exceptional delights that simply cannot be matched by any other Delhi restaurant.

- The Setting - The word Omya means 'beautiful' and that's all you need to know about the setting at this deluxe New Delhi restaurant. The whole place is designed to provide an aesthetic appeal to match its luxurious food and drink offerings, while also symbolizing and reminding guests of the heritage and culture of India. Colorful rugs add splashes of life to neutral stone floors, cozy seating and intricate chairs provide comfort and style, and the coffered ceiling, beautiful brass chandeliers, and traditional Indian fabrics elsewhere around the room, all serve to enhance the undeniable aesthetic allure of this world class restaurant.

- The Chef - The culinary style and dishes served at Omya are created and inspired by the cooking philosophy of Chef Alfred Prasad. An iconic figure in the gastronomic world, Chef Prasad was the youngest ever recipient of a Michelin Star to come from India, having received this esteemed honor at the tender age of just 29. Born in central India, Chef Prasad spent his formative years traveling around India, learning about regional delicacies and developing his own recipes, which he would go on to use in service of some of India's greatest restaurants, as well as overseas in premium British and American establishments.

- The Food - The innate talent and ability of Chef Alfred Prasad to add new twists and takes on timeless Indian classics, while preserving the traditions of these dishes that make them so cultural significant, gives Omya a truly breathtaking menu. Using only local, seasonal, fresh ingredients at all times, Omya’s menu provides a full spectrum of delicious delights. There's a big focus on purity and simplicity in these dishes, with Chef Prasad letting the ingredients do the talking and adding his own twists without over-complicating each dish, and guests can choose between the 'a la carte' menu and the 'tasting menu'. Many vegetarian and vegan dishes are available, with both traditional spicy options and milder meals for the comfort of every guest.

Important Information About Dining at Omya

Omya is one of the very best New Delhi restaurants, offering premium dining experiences and unparalleled gastronomic adventures for all to enjoy and savor. It's a wonderful restaurant that is simply a must-visit location on any New Delhi trip, and here are all the little details you need to know:

- Location - Omya is housed in The Oberoi, a deluxe New Delhi resort located at Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg, New Delhi 110003. Despite being housed in a hotel, the restaurant is open to all guests.

- Times - Omya serves both lunch and dinner. The restaurants opens up at 12.30pm and serves dinner until 3pm. From that point on, Omya is closed until 7pm, when it opens back up for dinner service, closing for the night at 11.30pm.

- Private Dining at Omya - If you're looking for a private dining experience at one of the best luxury restaurants in New Delhi, Omya can cater for you and your guests. Private dining is possible for parties of up to six people, with private tables in secluded settings allowing you and your friends or family to enjoy a more intimate dining experience.

- Additional Info - There is a dress code in place at Omya, with all gentlemen diners encouraged to wear full length trousers and closed shoes when visiting this restaurant.

The Oberoi, Dr Zakir Hussain Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, India, Phone: +91 11 2436 3030, website