At a time when big cities and urban environments are getting bigger and more expansive than ever before, more and more people are seeking out more natural experiences. The natural world is filled with wonder and beauty that simply can’t be found in urban spaces, with the flora and fauna of our Earth offering so much joy, excitement, and inspiration to all who witness and admire them.

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As mankind’s activities continue to do so much damage to the natural world, it’s vital to get out there and enjoy it while we can, and visiting natural places can be such a richly rewarding and inspiring experience. Nowhere is this more evident than in Pench National Park, India. Also known as Pench Tiger Reserve, Pench National Park is one of India's most important tiger reserves.

The reserve stretches out across the two states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, being established back in the late 1970s and stretching out over more than 110 square miles of land. According to the latest estimates, there are over 50 tigers in Pench National Park and the area even served as inspiration to Rudyard Kipling when writing his classic novel, The Jungle Book. Kipling never actually visited the park, but you can by staying at Kohka Wilderness Camp.

Kohka Wilderness Camp - Accommodation in the Heart of Pench Tiger Reserve

The Kohka Wilderness Camp is a luxury resort and wilderness camp destination right in the heart of the Pench National Park. Offering the stunning surroundings of lush jungle and endless adventure opportunities, Kohka Wilderness Camp is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts of all ages to spend some time feeling at one with the natural world, a million miles from cities and crowds. A truly magical location where memories are made, Kohka Wilderness Camp is a dream destination for adventures and eco travel.

- The Camp - Kohka Wilderness Camp is situated in the heart of Kohka village, just a few minutes away from Kohka Lake and right by the edge of the forest. It's in the heart of Pench National Park, with lots of beautiful nature and life all around, the perfect place for rest, relaxation, and recreation of all guides. Fully managed by service industry professionals, this unique wilderness resort lets you stay in the lush, tranquil surroundings of one of India's greatest national parks, a place you’ll never want to leave and a place where you’ll make memories that can never be forgotten.

- The Activities - Guests of the Kohka Wilderness Camp will be able to enjoy a huge range of activities during their stay, including actual safari tours around the Pench National Park, but also a wide range of varied and unique experiences like pottery making with local villagers, fishing out on Kohka Lake, watching the sunsets in the evening, stargazing after dark, visiting nearby Sitakassa Dam, walking through the jungle, wildlife watching, and much more. Kohka Wilderness Camp is the perfect place to base yourself for a myriad of amazing activities you’ll never forget, and the camp can appeal to everyone from nature enthusiasts to couples looking for romantic and intimate experiences.

- The Accommodation - Guests at the Kohka Wilderness Camp will be able to enjoy staying in luxurious rooms and cottages, with nothing but natural surroundings to enjoy. You'll have all the luxuries and conveniences one would expect from contemporary lodging, including laundry service, power outlets, well-kept rooms, welcome drinks, a master chef serving a range of Indian and Mughlai cuisine, and much more, with the camp also benefiting from a TV room, a swimming pool, a library, gardens, a games room, and massages.

- For A Good Cause - The Kohka Wilderness Camp works together with the Kohka Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of tribal and underprivileged parts of the local communities. Dedicated to engagement, empowerment, and enrichment, this foundation works with various tribal communities all around the Pench National Park area to provide advancements for female welfare, education, health services, environmental awareness, and more.

Imagine spending nights looking up at the starry skies, hearing nothing but the tranquil sounds of nature and seeing nothing but beauty all around you, with all kinds of wildlife living peacefully and naturally, and so many exciting activities to be enjoyed. That's what you can find at Kohka Wilderness Camp, and you can book online today or get in touch with the team by calling either +91-9827271101 or +91-9820282307, or emailing website