The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is the largest fish market in the world, and is a market that needs to be really seen for visitors to believe it. Japan’s world-famous fish market is a massive space full of many vendors selling just about everything you can find in the sea, and plenty of it. The market is located in Tokyo’s Tsukiji District, which can reached by walk to the south from Ginza or to the southeast from Shiodome or Shimbashi. In the future, however, the Tsukiji Fish Market is set to be relocated to Toyosu. Visitors can explore the majority of the market without a guide or special permission.

The Tsukiji Fish Market is separated into two sections, the inner market and the outer market. Visitors will find themselves inside the outer market when approaching the fish market from the subway station. A turn to the right will lead visitors to the produce area, while a turn to the left will bring them to an array of shops selling kitchenware, as well as some small restaurants offering a variety of sushi. Continuing straight from the entrance to the outer market will take visitors to the main part of the Tsukiji Fish Market, the inner market.

The inner market of the Tsukiji Fish Market is made up of an arrangement of lanes and market stalls in a semi-circular fashion. This is the area where visitors will find the numerous types of seafood being prepared and offer for sale. On the far end of the inner market, situated within a large refrigerated hall, is the site of the famous tuna auction.

The inner market of the Tsukiji Fish Market consists of roughly four different areas and is organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The first section is the auction site for seafood coming from all parts of the world that is handed over to intermediate wholesalers from the wholesalers. The second section is where these intermediate wholesalers sell the seafood to buyer of restaurants and seafood shop in Tokyo. The third section is where goods are shipped, and the fourth section is the area of shops selling cooking tools and restaurants. The inner market, with the exception of the auction area, can be visited by anyone after nine in the morning.

Within the outer market of the Tsukiji Fish Market, visitors can enjoy some shopping and try different foods. From seven in the morning to around three in the afternoon, the outer market becomes fairly active with people coming and going, shopping and eating in the restaurants and shops located in the market area, numbering the hundreds. This area originally began as a site for buying cooking tools and foods.

Visitors can find some of Japan’s extremely popular food companies, such as Tsukugon, Aji-no-Hyodo, Kibun, and many more. This is where they started their businesses. More recently, several other shops, like shops offering egg omelets and seaweed have opened in the area. Due to the growth of Tsukiji, the number of seafood bowl restaurants and Edo-style sushi restaurants has grown quite a bit as well.

5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan, Phone: 81-3-35-47-80-11

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