The Tokyo Skytree is both a landmark of the bustling city of Tokyo and a tower for television broadcasting. The tower is the centerpiece of Sumida City Ward’s Tokyo Skytree Town. This area isn’t very far from the popular Asakusa area of the city. Measuring six hundred and thirty-four meters in height, the Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in the country, as well as was the second tallest structure throughout the world at the time in which it was completed.

There is a large complex for shopping, as well as an aquarium situated at the base of the Tokyo Skytree. The highlight, however, of the television broadcasting tower is the two observation decks that provide remarkable views of the city of Tokyo and beyond. These two enclosed observation decks are situated at 350 meters high and 450 meters high respectively above the ground. This makes the two observation decks the highest in the country of Japan, as well as two of the highest observation decks found across the globe.

The lower one of the two observation decks is the Tembo Deck, which is located three hundred and fifty meters above the ground and consists of three levels, each offering amazing views out across Tokyo. The top level of the Tembo Deck features broad, tall windows that provide spectacular 360-degree views of the city of Tokyo below. The middle level includes the Musashi Sky Restaurant, offering dishes of Japanese-French fusion cuisine, as well as a gift shop. The lower level of the Tembo Deck includes a cafe and glass panels built into the floor that allow visitors to look through the floor to the ground at the base of the Tokyo Skytree.

Another set of elevators inside the Tokyo Skytree connect the Tembo observation deck to the Tembo Gallery, located at four hundred and fifty meters above the ground. The Tembo Gallery is considered to be the highest skywalk in the world, consisting of a sloping spiral-shaped ramp that reaches new heights as the skywalk circles the television broadcasting tower. The construction of this glass and steel tube offers guests a chance to peer down to the ground from the dizzying heights of the Tokyo Skytree, as well as view out onto the country of Japan’s Kanto Region to a great distance. At the highest point of the skywalk is the observation deck, featuring tall windows that offer views of the city, along with areas for lounging. This floor is the highest area of the tower’s observation deck, located officially at 451.2 meters above the ground.

When guests come to visit and explore the Tokyo Skytree, their visit begins on the tower’s fourth floor, where they can purchase tickets to go up to the Tembo Deck, the first of the tower’s observation decks. A smooth and quick elevator ride transports guests to the first observation deck’s top floor, where visitors can purchase a ticket for the second observation deck of the broadcasting tower. Guests can then head up to the second observation deck before heading back down to the lower floors of the Tembo Deck, where they can take a short elevator ride back down to the exit.

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