China’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is located at the Chimelong International Ocean Resort in Hengqin, Zhuhai. The Ocean Kingdom features an aquarium, exotic animal exhibits, themed entertainment zones, thrilling rides and theater shows. Highlights of the aquarium’s collection include Beluga whales, the whale shark, and polar bears.

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The Whale Shark Aquarium proudly holds the title of world’s largest aquarium, at over 220 feet long and containing over 8 million gallons of sea water. In addition to the whale sharks, the tank is home to over 20,000 creatures, including sea turtles, sharks and manta rays. The aquarium offers an underwater viewing dome, which is the world’s largest at close to 40 feet in diameter.

Eight different themed zones each offer their own entertainment and exhibits. On Ocean Avenue, giant overhead LED screens light up the street with images of sea life, while the sidewalks are decorated to represent coral and the ocean floor. The Ocean Beauty zone is home to the Whale Shark Aquarium and a Deep Sea zone. The Hengqin Ocean zone is considered the “most relaxing.” The romantic lakeside walkway offers a musical marine-themed fountain, and is the best viewing spot for the park’s parades.

Dolphin Cove is home to the park’s bottlenose and spotted dolphins, and the Chinese white dolphin. Dolphin Cove features the Dolphin Theater where daily aquatic performances take place, and Dolphin Island, where visitors can see the beloved creatures up close.

The Mount Walrus zone is home to sea lions and seals, and includes the Sea Lion Theater where the animals perform choreographed shows. On Hero’s Island, visitors will find the sea otter exhibit, and interactive areas such as the Stingray Encounter and Tide Pools where guests may gently touch live rays, starfish and other marine life.

The park’s unique design combines the animal displays with thrilling adventure rides. The Polar Horizon roller coaster takes guests up to 75 feet high above the polar bear exhibit, past the beluga whale exhibit and one of the world’s largest penguin exhibits, while the Amazing Amazon roller coaster takes guests high above a manatee exhibit, banyan trees and palm trees.

In addition to animal exhibits and amusement facilities, each of the park’s themed zones also includes dining and shopping options. Restaurant options range from the family friendly dining of the Hero Island zone, to fine dining underneath the Whale Shark Aquarium at the Ocean Beauty zone.

History: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and the associated Ocean Resort are managed by Chimelong Group, with over 20 years experience in park management. One of the world’s largest marine themed parks, the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom proudly holds several titles for “world’s biggest.” In addition to the world’s largest aquarium, the park is host to the longest roller coaster, the 4,200-foot long Amazing Amazon. The park won the 2014 Themed Entertainment Association’s award for Outstanding Achievement.

Ongoing Programs and Education: Entertainment at the Ocean Kingdom includes a marine-themed parade, featuring mermaids, octopi, turtles, whales and submarines that dance alongside the spectators. A performance event over the Hengqin Ocean features lasers, holographic projections, fireworks, water and lasers. The large-scale performance has won the prestigious Australian Event Award’s Best International Achievement in Events honor. The park’s Castle Theater offers a 5D experience to an audience of 1,000 seated in motion enabled seats.

VIP experiences at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom include expedited wristband access to the attractions. Ocean Diving experiences are available under the guidance of a PADI trained divemaster in both the Whale Shark Aquarium and at Dolphin Island. The Dolphin Encounter allows guests to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Island. For the park’s youngest visitors, the Junior Keeper Program gives children a behind the scenes look at the Whale Shark Aquarium, allows them to help prepare food for the whale sharks, and includes a glass bottomed boat ride atop the whale shark’s habitat. Similar Junior Keeper Programs are available for the Chinese white dolphin, the penguins, the manatees, and the Beluga whales. The Ocean Sleepover lets guests spend the night alongside the Whale Shark Aquarium in tents and sleeping bags provided by Ocean Kingdom.

Educational efforts at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom include an educational app that may be used at each of the exhibits, with free WiFi provided by the park. Educational tours are available for primary and secondary school children and are themed around two different areas, the marine fish tour, or the sea lion tour. Both tours are professionally guided by Chimelong Educational Instructors and teach the visitors about the animals, animal husbandry and conservation.

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