Switzerland is shown in orange on this map, while the surrounding countries of France, Austria, Germany and Italy are brown, green and red. You can see the major Swiss cities on the map, including Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Laussene, Lucerne and others. Switzerland is a beautiful country to visit, filled with scenic mountain views and sparkling lakes. Although the country does not border a sea or an ocean, there are many lakeside getaways where you can swim and try a variety of watersports in the summer.

The Swiss Alps are a world-famous ski destination. Head to St. Moritz where you can rent an apartment or check into a hotel. In the summer, this mountain town offers mountain biking, hiking and several music and food festivals around which you can plan your getaway.

Zurich and Geneva are major business centers. They also offer a host of cultural activities and attractions. Several languages are spoken in Switzerland, including German, French, and Italian. Nearly everyone speaks English so it’s an easy country to visit.

Different parts of the country are connected via high-speed trains and scenic highways. If you have time, rent a car and stop in less known towns for a unique vacation.

You can fly to Geneva or Zurich from other major European cities, the U.S. and Asia. Swiss Airline is more expensive than most, but it’s legendary for its good service. The New York City to Zurich route is quite fast and comfortable.

There are several incredible nature parks, as well as UNESCO sites such as the Mustair valley. You can explore the Swiss wine growing region near Geneva. Hikes in that area lead you to magnificent scenic points overlooking Lake Geneva. Some great places to stay in Switzerland include The Beau-Rivage Palace on Lake Geneva and Grand Resort Hof Ragaz.

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