The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tuscany, Italy is a bell tower which is famous because it began to lean to one side and sink into the ground. It is also famous because of its decorations which document the construction from when it began in 1173 and when it ended in 1360. Finally, the landmark is famous because this is where Galileo supposedly conducted free fall physics experiments. The story says that he dropped a cannon ball and a wooden ball from the top of in an effort to demonstrate that they both fall at the same rate.

The attraction is located on Piazza dei Miracoli next to the Cathedral. The tower was originally meant to be straight, but it began to sink which was caused by the uneven ground underneath. In 1988 it was closed to the public and work began to prevent the tower from falling over. It again reopened to the public in 2001 and now visitors can even climb up the tower at night on special dates.

Guided visits take about 35-40 minutes and are physically challenging - there are over 300 steps winding up a narrow staircase. For reservations, call +39-050-560-547.

Visit Pisa as a day trip from Florence (the high-speed train takes less than one hour).

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