This map of Alaska shows major cities, regions and national parks. Alaska is a beautiful destination to visit, especially in the summer. You can see stunning glaciers up close, incredible wildlife and pristine ocean. In the summer, humpback whales swim to Alaska to feed in the rich waters that surround it. There are polar bears and unique birds.

Many travelers go to Alaska aboard a cruise ship which lets you visit many ports in a short span of time. Depending on which cruise line you choose, smaller ships usually manage to reach more remote places, while larger ships offer a larger choice of entertainment options. Cruise companies offer many tour options, including scenic train rides, wildlife tours, glacier hikes and more. Be sure to book before your trip so that you get what you want. Some travelers swear by making their own tour arrangements which can be less crowded than the ones offered by the cruise company.

Be sure to bring a good camera and plenty of space on your card and backup drive. Alaska is very scenic.

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