The Scott Family Amazeum, found in Bentonville, Arkansas, is a fun and child focused learning experience meant to be as hands-on as possible. Children and their families should plan to spend the entire day exploring all this children’s museum has to offer.

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Coming in at just over 50,000 square feet of interactive experiences, the Amazeum opened to the public in July of 2015. The museum was designed specifically to cater to children from age four to age nine, but all the experiences can be enjoyed by older elementary school students and even junior high school kids. There is even an additional acre of outdoor space for children to enjoy. The Amazeum crossed the threshold of welcoming its 200,000 visitor in 2016 and is always seeking to expand both in space and in additional learning experiences.

Permanent Attractions

The Amazeum is chock full of interactive exhibits for children.

? Tinkering Hub: Sponsored by 3M, the Tinkering Hub was created for children to have active engagement with engineering, technology, science, mathematics, and art. Focusing on STEAM, the creative workshops allow children to actively learn about the subjects while also being creative and using their imaginations.

? Hershey’s Lab: Is there a more fun way to learn about science than experimenting with candy? The experiments are guided by the child and the six available options rotate on a weekly basis so that there is always something new and different to do. Entrance does need a special ticket in addition to admission to the Amazeum. Not all experiments will include chocolate.

? The Market: Sponsored by Walmart, the Market was designed to look like an average neighborhood marketplace. Children can shop for ingredients, learn about how vegetables grow, order from the cafe, design a flower arrangement… the options are endlessly fun.

? Art studio: Often one of the most talked about parts of the Amazeum is the glass painting art wall, found in the art studio. There are also art options to create with crayons and markers, clay, cardboard, paper, and other art media. There are also different display cases and frames around the studio so that children can display their work for all to see.

? Canopy Climber: This indoor climber, made to look like the top of a canopy, allows brave children to climb far above the museum in a safe way. Allowing for unique views of the museum, the canopy climber is fun and adrenaline pumping.

? Lift, Load, and Haul: Sponsored by General Mills, this area is meant to help children work together and cooperate. Designed like a distribution center, only scaled down for child-sized visitors, children can move, ferry, lift, transport and convey objects through a complete series of tubes, conveyors, and chutes.

? Cloud Theater: One of the quieter places in the Amazeum, the Cloud Theater is a place for reflecting and dreaming, with pillows on the floor, a video installation of clouds, and calming music.

In addition, the Amazeum also offers other exhibits and attractions like the Water Amazements exhibit, the cabin and farm, the cave, the play lab, Emerging Explorers, nature, and weather, and the outdoor playscape.

Special Events

The Amazeum offers a vast variety of special events, catered to interactive child-led learning.

Monthly, there are Community Spotlight events where the Amazeum brings in different community groups to share their specific skills and knowledge. Community groups can apply by contacting the staff at the museum.

A favorite event at the Amazeum is the “On the Rocks” night, which allows adult guests 21 and over to have time at the museum without children. Each night has a theme with different facilitated evenings and these events make for perfect date nights.

An annual fundraiser held at the museum is the UnGala - a fundraiser like no other. The Amazeum tries hard to celebrate everyone who makes it possible for it to continue to run and educate children every single day.

There are also other events held at the Amazeum, like the Tinkerfest, Zinging in the New Year, and multiple member only events. Check out the website for additional information.

Dining and Shopping

For guests who get hungry while visiting the Amazeum, there is the Zing Cafe. Located in The Market exhibit portion, the menu is full of fresh snacks, sandwiches, salads, and other sides meant to soothe even the hungriest guest, so they can spend more time enjoying the building. Guests can also bring their own food, as well. If visitors would like to commemorate their visit with a souvenir, the Curiosity Corner Store offers a wide variety of toys and other child centered merchandise.

Scott Family Amazeum, 1009 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR, 72712, Phone: 479-696-9280