While Oregano’s does have multiple locations in Tucson, its Flagstaff outlet is a welcomed response to the lack of good quality Italian restaurants in the area. With decent food, reliable service, and an enticing menu, Oregano’s Flagstaff location has become a pretty good destination for those in the mood for Italian cuisine as their comfort food of choice.

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With its owners originally coming from Chicago, it’s no surprise that Oregano’s Italian dishes will come with some kind of Chicago style twist. This is why the Chicago Style pizza is one of the restaurant’s popular items.

The menu, however, does have a bit of something for everyone. There are classic Italian appetizers and starters like stuffed mushrooms and fried zucchini, as well as some pastas with homemade sauces and, of course, a decent set of drinks. There are even salads for those looking for a healthier option. All these are available at very reasonable prices.

Couple all that with the great service and the attractive decor and Italian music, Oregano’s is definitely Flagstaff’s very own go-to place for a good Italian style dining experience.

Restaurant Hours

Oregano’s Flagstaff Location is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

Mondays to Sundays: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM


Below are some of the items found in Oregano’s menu.

· Chicago Style Pizza: Pan Pizza - classic style pizza topped with Wisconsin Cheese, oregano, and tomatoes; Thin Crust - crispier version of the Pan Pizza; Stuffed Pizza - filled with cheese and fresh ingredients

· Specialty Pizzas: Puerto Peñasco Carne Street Pie, Clark Street Meat Pizza, The Ol’ Mexicano, The Sproccoli, Aunt Margherita Pizza, Lawrence’s Original, O-Riva Pizza, Fancy Dancy Mushroom Pizza, Grandma G’s Rosemary Chicken Potato, Bistro Classic, Uncle Nick’s Chicken Parm Pie, Numero One-O, The Yahoo Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Oregano’s Own Pesto Pizza. In addition to the above, Oregano’s offers all kinds of toppings that guests can choose to add to their pizza of choice.

· Midday Rush: Bollo Pasta (All You Can Eat), Julius’ Chicken Caesar Salad, Big Rig Or Alfredo The Dark, A Heck of a Slice, Mini Stuffed Pizza, O’Zone of the Day

· Salads: Pablo Picasso Mexico Salad, All Kale Caesar, Oregano’s Favorite, The Big Beefstro Salad, Simple House Salad, Julius Caesar Salad, Vino Bambino, Pablo Picasso Mexico Salad, The Antipasto Thing

· Sandwiches: The Big Meatball Sandwich, The Original Veggie Wedgie, O’Zone Especial, The Big Hot Chick Parm, Our Chicago Italian Sausage, The Original Italian Stuffed, The Turkey Stuffed, The Big Beef Sandwich

Special Events

Oregano’s offers its many party rooms for events of all kinds and sizes. Guests who throw a party with Oregano’s will find it convenient to have them handle all the cooking and cleaning while they focus on enjoying the special occasion. There will also be a variety of menu items available starting at a reasonable cost of $16.95 per person. All that is required is that guests make the reservation at least 24 hours ahead of time.

For more information about the venues, the special events, and the menu, call (480) 626-9103.


Oregano’s, 605 Riordan Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, Phone: 928-773-8600

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