Chocolate lovers will rejoice when they experience the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale. Tour participants will enjoy the company of the many other people who relish in the delight of eating various types of chocolate treats while walking the streets of Scottsdale. From cupcakes and pastries to truffles and hot chocolate, this tour will make the heart of any chocolate lover sing. Tour participants will be surrounded by other chocolate lovers while enjoying decadent chocolate and a fun, friendly atmosphere. The Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale is a definite must-do for anyone who loves chocolate, and it is a perfect gift for the chocolate lover in anyone's life.

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Walking Chocolate Tour

The Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale gives tour participants the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, while sampling a number of delicious chocolate treats at local chocolatiers and eateries in downtown Scottsdale. The walking chocolate tour includes several stops where tour participants will get to indulge in an assortment of chocolate samples. Some of the stops on the tour include:

· Zak's Chocolate

· See’s Candies

· Sprinkles

· The Herb Box

· Caketini

· Classic Cakes and Confections

Walking Tour Basics/FAQs

The Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale is about 2 miles long and takes about 2.5 to complete. The tour itself consists of various stops, where tour participants will get an opportunity to taste samples from various chocolatiers and eateries. A bottle of water is provided to everyone at the beginning of the tour as a thirst-quencher while indulging in samples. There are also restroom facilities at several of the scheduled stops for the comfort and convenience of the tour participants.

All participants are urged to dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes to ensure that they are able to thoroughly enjoy the experience provided by the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale.

Chocolate Tastings

In addition to chocolate tours, the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale also offers chocolate tastings. Chocolate tastings are conducted at Chocolade van Brugge and consist of 60-90 minutes of sampling various types of chocolates. At this particular event, tour participants are allowed to bring their beverage of preference, such as beer or wine.

Ticket Purchases

Tickets for the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale can be purchased online via the company's website. All tickets must be purchased in advance in order to secure a space for the applicable date and time of a tour. Please note that gratuities are not included in the cost of the tour tickets. Recommended gratuity amounts are 15%-20% of a full-priced ticket. While not required, gratuities are greatly appreciated.

All ticket sales for the chocolate tour are non-refundable. Likewise, all bookings for a particular tour date are also final.

Private Tour

The Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale also offers private tours. In order to conduct a private tour, tour groups must have a minimum of four people. Also, all payments for private tours must be paid in one or two installments.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of chocolate to someone special by purchasing a gift certificate to the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale. Gift certificates can be purchased online at the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale website.


Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale, 7045 E 3rd Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, website, Phone: 602-540-4261

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