Timbercraft Tiny Homes is looking to help people break free by giving them the option of building their own unique tiny homes. Located in Guntersville, Alabama, Timbercraft Tiny Homes has been helping people scale down and live a simpler lifestyle by having less overhead. More people are looking for ways to reduce their overall living expenses, and with housing being one of the most costly expenses, Timbercraft Tiny Homes seeks to offer people a way to minimize their lives by embarking on the journey of tiny home living.

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Tiny Home Building Process

Timbercraft Tiny Homes takes the tiny home building process seriously. Customers want to know that all of their needs and wants are been considered when investing in a tiny home. For this reason, Timbercraft Tiny Homes has a five-step tiny home building process that in many ways makes the construction of a tiny house easier to understand for its customers. The steps of the tiny home building process include:

· Brainstorming

· Research and development

· Sketching and drafting

· Construction

· Delivery

For Timbercraft Tiny Homes, each of these steps is pivotal to providing the best tiny homes for its customers.

Services Provided

Timbercraft Tiny Homes offers several services for those who are interested in building their own tiny homes. These services are:

Tiny House Buildings - Timbercraft Tiny Homes has become a leader in tiny home building in Alabama and throughout the United States. They use a specialized process to help customers create the tiny home that is most suitable for them.

Building on Skids - Timbercraft Tiny Homes also offers the option of building a tiny home on skids. Building a tiny home on skids is a service that is only offered on a local basis, as doing so for tiny homes that are to be transported can be quite expensive.

Delivery - Not only does Timbercraft Tiny Homes build their customers tiny homes, they also deliver them as well.

Tiny Home Options

When constructing a tiny home, Timbercraft Tiny Homes offers its customers both standard and non-standard features. This allows customers to understand what features come with their tiny homes automatically and which features are considered optional.

The following are some of the features offered for both standard and non-standard tiny home construction by Timbercraft Tiny Homes.


· Painted cabinets

· Pine slab countertops

· Stainless steel sink

· LP Smart Side trim and siding

· Simple water hookup plumbing

· 50 amp hookup wiring

· A/C unit (electric) with heat pump


· Washer/dryer unit

· Solar panel wiring

· Double lofts

· Compost toilet

· Oven (gas or electric)

· On demand water heater

· Stained cabinets

For more information on which features would be most appropriate for a tiny house, customers are urged to contact Timbercraft Tiny Homes directly at (256) 558-8410.


One of the biggest appeals of a tiny home is its affordability in comparison to traditional homes. Timbercraft Tiny Homes seeks to offer its customers the option to live an affordable minimalist lifestyle without compromising all of the conveniences of a traditional home.

Timbercraft Tiny Homes are priced starting at $275 per square foot with the total cost ranging from $45,000 and up depending on the type of amenities chosen. Timbercraft Tiny Homes help their customers create the tiny home desired within budget.

More detailed information about tiny home pricing can be obtained by contacting Timbercraft Tiny Homes directly.


Timbercraft Tiny Homes, 21351 Hwy 431, Guntersville, AL 35976, website, Phone: 256-558-8410

(Last Updated on September 13, 2017)