The Rosa Parks Library and Museum at Troy University in Montgomery, AL is a commemoration of the life of Rosa Parks, an icon of the Civil Rights Movement. The museum is also an active memorial to the lessons learned from the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which led to transportation being racially integrated and brought civil rights to the attention of the international community. Situated in the downtown area of Montgomery, it's the country's only museum devoted to Rosa Parks.

The Rosa Parks Museum is located at the very site where the civil rights icon was arrested. The museum's mission is to commemorate the legacy of Rosa Parks, as well as the importance of the bus boycott, by offering a platform for civic engagement, positive social change, and scholarly dialogue. The collection at the museum includes several important historical artifacts, such as a 1955 bus from Montgomery's fleet of city buses and the original fingerprint record from the arrest of Rosa Parks. Original artwork including quilts and statuary, a restored station wagon that once transported boycotters in 1955, police reports, and court documents can also be seen within the museum exhibits.

In addition to collecting, preserving, and displaying artifacts related to the lessons and life of Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Rosa Parks Library and Museum offers a variety of education programs and resources. These programs, designed for both students and adults, aim to raise social consciousness, educate visitors of the museum, promote peace, and encourage acceptance and cultural appreciation through temporary exhibits and annual events. The museum also promotes economic development and tourism in Alabama, and has been a significant cornerstone in Montgomery's downtown area's redevelopment since its opening.

Through a variety of artifacts and exhibits found within the Rosa Parks Museum, visitors have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the social and political climates of Montgomery during the 1950s. Information about the very people who organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott also offers guests a chance to learn more about the significant civil rights event. Exhibits allow visitors to hear the voices and look at the faces of the brave people who fought both effectively and peacefully for freedom and equality. The exhibits found throughout the museum provide a glimpse into the past, a view of the once-segregated South, as well as a look at the significance of interracial partnerships, women, and strategy within the Civil Rights Movement.

The Rosa Parks Library and Museum provides visitors with an opportunity to broaden their understanding on the Civil Rights Movement in general. Between sitting inside a 1955 Montgomery city bus or witnessing the arrest of Rosa Parks, museum guests can learn for themselves how the Montgomery Improvement Association sustained the movement's resolve with only 19 station wagons. Visitors will also learn about the mass worldwide effect of the Civil Rights Movement and Montgomery Bus Boycott.

252 Montgomery Street, Montgomery, AL 36104, Phone: 334-241-9576

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